Comments on Quest/ mission and region navigation

In BL2 you knew where a mission was by sorting the quest list or by viewing fast travel.

It’s split in BL and you don’t know where a mission belongs from accepted mission list. BL2 was spot on, you know where a mission is when fast traveling right in the location, now that it is nested in BL3 it’s a pain to find where a mission is. They dropped the ball here.

I addition the way point system is very underpowered. I have to constantly stop and refer to the full screen map to even know if I am going down a dead end or not.

Improving these would improve QOL.

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I hate the fact that you cant see what missions you have available in a zone. In borderlands 2 I could look at my mission list and it would tell me the zones they were in, then I could go to a zone with a ton of missions and knock them all out. In borderlands 3 I have not found a way to view the missions in the menu, so I have to select them from my main play screen then go into the game and find the zone it in, and repeat this process for all available missions. It really sucks and i wish they would have kept the interface from borderlands 2.