Common courtesy

If you want to use a foreign character in the game, you should at least consult with someone who is closely familiar with the language. Nina the Nurse was so badly butchered that it’s not funny at all. If it was intended, then the author of this “parody” is just an EDIT by PH.

I thought it was so terrible it was hilarious. And definitely on purpose. Not exactly difficult to find someone with a Slavic accent.

How do you mean butchered? Not trying to be facetious - I’m intruiged to hear how it’s wrong from someone who knows! You mean in terms of language / accent?

But even if it isn’t realistic or uses stereotype, does that really matter in such a cartoon style game? English people really aren’t like Hammerlock, even my upper class acquaintances, but I still find him and his repression jokes pretty funny. I don’t think Nina is intended to mock Slavic people?


Imaging an English character who speaks in its own supposedly native language like “I can has cheebuzger”, and “cheebuzger” is not a typo.

Does Nina speak in her native language? It’s a while since I played, I can’t remember all her lines. Personally I never noticed her English being particularly bad, it’s a cartoon like a lot of borderlands characters and I can see how it might verge on the overly stereotyped but I don’t know if the writers were seeking to mock Russian people.

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Let me ask this. who’s more accurate? pickle or hammerlock?


Ha!! Good question, that I feel I should be diplomatic and not answer :smile:

I’ve heard people that speak like hammerlock. but pickle…That cringe inducing cockney. Which it always is, of course. but still.


Speaking of courtesy, read the forum rules, and try to avoid insulting Gearbox staff in future, please.


Sorry for that, thanks for correction.

At least they both sound intelligible. In case of Nina, her english is extremely bad and her few supposedly russian words are not better.

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Few questions from me.
How many English speaking people entire borderland series has, what percentage of these people speak “funny”, and how bad this “funny” is? And then compare your answers to Nina.
My point is, politics are politics, but if a game/movie developer/producer wants to include a foreign character, it’s a very bad taste in my book to diminish people of other culture.

I’d consider Pickle and Aurelia to have atrociously bad voice-acting (there’s a thread about Aurelia from a few months back). To the point that I stop playing Aurelia sometimes because she’s so unpleasant to hear, and I dread the Pickle sections of any playthrough. And I’ve read that actual Australians have issues with Janey and other residents of Elpis.

I was unaware that Nina was similarly bad, and completely agree that any character with an accent and/or foreign language should have that accent and/or language done well.