Communication and Ninja Nerfs

With the recent change to the Phasezerker com not being announced in the patch notes, and for that matter, the change to what effected Vampyr on Moze not being addressed until their was community backlash, I wanted to make a post on this.

To be clear, while I notice the longer cooldowns on Amara, and certainly noticed the Moze changes, I can handle them. So can most people who are reasonable. However, the fact that this happened again without a mention in the patch/hotfix notes leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Developers, please stop with the ninja nerfs. If you decide something is over performing and hurting build diversity, please just put it in the patch notes. Reasonable people will understand. Those who don’t - or who still need better gear and are struggling - will just get angrier when they find their characters/items were nerfed without an explanation.

Whether its an intentional oversight or not to leave out these kinds of things, it sends the wrong message to the community. All that said, it is clear the developers are listening to community feedback. They may not make every change we ask for (honestly, an impossible task given the wide variety of conflicting requests) but I’d say they are making a good faith effort. Ninja nerfs undermine that, so please, respect us by giving us your rationale when you make this kind of change. At the same time, let’s all be respectful in our criticisms. Balance is really not as easy of a task as some people make it out to be.

tldr; Devs, please let us know your reasoning when you nerf something. Most people will understand; those who get mad will just be angrier if you conceal it, intentionally or not.


Completely agree. Since it’s actually the fan base that is dissecting this game up and getting the attention on things, probably shouldn’t poop on them. Being honest and straight forward is always the best approach. Yes you’ll get jumped on when nerfing things but that’s to be expected. Ninja nerfing things seems dirty and upsets the fan base for two reasons instead.

Honestly even with the Phazerker nerf it’s still plenty strong. I really didn’t even notice any difference.

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what did they do to phazeserker???

I’m curious too, what happened to the phasezerker?

Teams of people are working on the game. One person writes the patch notes. Things get missed. Get over it.

As mentioned above, they reduced it from 3% to 2% damage and 10% to 1% action skill cooldown rate per rush stack. It is still a good COM, and if you’re using phasegrasp it isn’t too big of a nerf. If you’re using it for phaseslam/phasecast, it is more noticeable. I guess that’s where the new com comes in, but it still would be nice to have a bit more feedback.

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I’m not sure if you actually read my post. I specifically pointed out that it may not be intentional. Glib comments like that that seem intended to cause offense don’t contribute to the conversation. Next time, please consider ending your post one sentence earlier.