Communication & Matchmaking

The ■■■■■■■ catch 22s of the current Battleborn situation drive me almost literally insane.

Solos don’t want to play pre-mades, but, splitting the queues into solo versus team would make it take even longer for both queues to find matches.

Communication, not some insanely large skill difference between players, is absolutely one of the main factors separating the stompers from the stompees in Battleborn.

So, rather than splitting the queues yet further (and probably fatally) into solo and team queues, why not just program in simple set of screen team requests that could be accessed from, say, the left side of the PS4 controller central touchpad?

Attack, defend, help (left, right, Center), rtc.

I wouldn’t even care if they had vocal lines recorded for them.

Just have a loud noise play and the command you selected appear on the screen of each of your team mates.

Pinging is WORSE than useless and seems to have become almost universally ignored.

Eveb when people are mic’d up, many times it is 2 or 3 people on mic but in a private chat party so the rest of the team can’t be in on their plans.

Or you have 2 mic groups, both in parties, on one team, often working at cross purposes.

I honestly think that the on-screen command to team menu could be a very useful, possibly easy to implement, and potentially PVP saving idea.


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Or perhaps the LoL system. Pinging brings up a dialogue, and you drag to the side to select what you want to ping, e.g. Help, Defend, Regroup, etc.



That could work too, repurpose a button already in use.

On PC there already is one - it’s C.


You push down the right joystick to do it on PS4.

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This would make a great addition to BB & would totally put my support behind this.

OW has one where you can choose from stuff like ‘hello, thanks, group up, need healing’ etc which does make navigating without mics in a team environment a little more communicative. I love it when I can send a quick thanks when our healer just saved my/our asses :smiley:

Adding directional queues would be rad to see too

That works too then - push the stick down, then while holding it down push up for Enemy Spotted, down for Retreat, left for Help and right for Defend. Just makes it a really quick thing you can do with a fast flick of your thumb.

This is a very good idea and I’ve seen it used effectively in a number of titles. It’s not perfect, as nothing can compensate for “OMG ISIC THERE’S A PENDLES BEHIND YOU RIGHT ■■■■■■■ NOW ■■■■■■■ RUN zOMG!!” but it’s better than hoping ppl can type rly fast.

I’mma be completely honest though… a big part of why I rarely use a headset is because the game actually has pretty stellar 7.1 surround support and I don’t like giving it up XD

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Yeah, I have to unplug my headphones to get my mic to work (craptop master race) and it really sucks because my audio quality drops like a stone. It’s workable though, and means I can actually talk to people and shoot stuff at the same time.

I remember seeing another thread about this but it’s a great idea. Haven’t played it in awhile but dungeon defenders has a ping system like this. You can mark each ping with an “attack” “defend” “help” etc.

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People have been asking this for ages… No response :cry:

But when it comes to Premades vs soloers, I don’t think the lack of communication is the only problem. The lack of commitment from soloers is what grinds my gears when I solo queue - Premades are ready to fight for each other. Soloers quit, AFK and surrender if they aren’t “doing good.”

Losing against premades didn’t make me want to stop solo queuing. The attitudes of solo queuers did.


Those commands work off of the pinging system so the fact that pinging is still 100% broken on incursion would do nothing unless it was a voice command.

Oh yeah, THIS too…

Not only is the communication in this game limited, it’s broken too. Sigh.

Hate it too when people just automatically quit & assume they will lose before the game even starts because they faced them before

idk, ill ping the doubles when i don’t feel like plugging in my mic in PuG’s and most of the time they’ll send help.

I agree, pinging needs to be replaced by some kind of quick menu that lets you inform your team about whatever.

Like “Shields down” for incursion, or Double Thralls up
I’m outnumbered during meltdown

I’m sure they can come up with viable options that aren’t difficult to use in game.

I’ve suggested it before and I’ll say it again. The next big “push” they make to draw players in (ie, HUUUUGE DISCOUNT or a free to play weekend/week) they NEED to have solo and team queues.

It is very easy to sort solos and all the newer players will be grouped together. Even if you have 4 new and 1 mid-high they could easily be teamed with 4 new and another mid to high. The end result is balanced teams, fair games, and people actually sticking around because they’re not getting their ass handed to them every game.

Team queue would fill more of a competitive itch and it is extremely easy to pair teams of 2, 3, and 5’s against each other. And if you’re solo you can still queue for team play as you’ll be paired with teams of 4 or maybe even 2 solos with a team of 3. If you’re queued for team play chances are you already grasp the mechanics of the game so you won’t drag down your teammates.

The early result gives us a larger player base at the cost of slightly longer wait times for high level team queueing, but the end result will get us a somewhat sustainable playerbase where long queue times are a thing of the past. As a member of the CR100 club I would gladly put on my “big boy pants” for a few weeks and suck up the longer queue times until the newbies and mids graduate to a more competitive experience.



My exact experience, also, sadly.

I’ve been doing some solo queuing lately but 90 percent of the time lately I’ve been trying my hardest to find teams of friends because, as you said, soloers LEAVE.



People leaving is far and away the most frustrating thing in all of Battleborn!

Or you could just play The Experiment where NPC Boldur is able to ping during the last two “defend” fights (for some reason) and let him drive you insane with all of his wanton pinging. :smiley: