Community badass stream


i know that there is a gearbox stream happening later today. I thought i would let everyone know that TheOnlyTachyon is streaming right now. He is the first person to be raided by gearbox.

Here is a link to his stream

@JoeKGBX @ElisaRockDoc @Jythri thought you guys might have fun raiding him again before another one of your streams.


@lostkrouu, link not working.

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thanks for letting me know. should be working now

Hereby confimed :dukeaffirmative:

Gaww…Its like 8bit

It doesnt look that way to me. could it be something on your end?

…Don’t know, Twitch and everything else is working but here’s a shot from that channel right now:

That happens to me when I’m on wifi at work using my phone. it’s the connection to that device. I don’t know why it does that. I know for me it does clear up or gets worse depending on my location. most of the time it’s pretty good.