Community day and event heads and skins

So unfortunately I sold my xbox 360 like a year ago. I had the holiday even skins and the like. Lost all my characters of course are these in the game as drops now? Things like luck of the zafords or the community day skins?

In handsome collection all are unlocked apart from 4, some of the community stuff unfortunately. Think they are fixing it

But will they be able to be found through gameplay or can you only get them from when they released the shift codes?

if you downloaded your profile onto a friends last gen console would that not allow you to upload those characters?

Off the top of my head, all the Shift skins are unlocked by default, except the Community Day ones, which require either a new code or to be imported on a savegame that has them unlocked

So is there anyway to get those codes anymore? I looked for the way to subscribe to twitch, but it seems as if that’s expired now.

Yesterday I got the Axton community day head to drop from a Bullymong pile in the Mercenary Day (snowman) head hunter pack in UVHM. I thought they had been removed from the loot pool, but evidently there is still a chance for them to drop. Call Down the Thunder is the name of it. I was stunned, and thought they had just added new heads to the handsome collection, so I looked it up and it turned out to be from community day.

Nice find! You are very lucky.