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Is there anyway we can get the attention of gearbox to get the rates increased for the community day heads and skins?

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That would be awesome, but I don’t think there will be anymore hot fixes for this game.

Spoke to gearbox multiple times and they have no interest in helping

They have moved on, which I don’t blame them. Just one of those things about the game that will keep me coming back for more, “cuz I gots to have dem”!

If you ever get Sals let us know lol

Hello @Jackamoh. Thanks for your input.

The October 29th, 2015 Borderlands patch implemented them as world drops (where before they were simply a hotfix I believe).

The rarity of the items is not a mistake, but a feature. It was both to celebrate those who took part in Community Day, as well as those who’ve either had the luck/perseverance to find the rare world drops.

Speaking solely as a fan, Gearbox have been working themselves ragged at the new release, and for them to take time to edit a non-essential, non-gameplay feature which was already altered to suit the demands of the fans (twice) doesn’t seem like either a necessity or something that reflects the demands of the community as a whole.

I see you have tried our trade section, and I suggest you keep at it! I know of plenty of people who’ve managed to find those heads as a part of a trade.

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Ah I see, so it’s okay for them to sell a remastered version of the game but not help the ‘fans’

The remastered version of the game has never advertised anything which dealt with the Community Day skins. I’m not certain what the THC has to do with it (especially considering the hotfix/patch was between all platforms).

While I do hope you ultimately get your item, as it stands, there is very little (if any) genuine demand to heighten the drop rates of the community day skins, as they in no way, whatsoever, affect game play.

This is in no way interrupting your game play experience. You’re asking for a heightened drop rate of an aesthetic item which is purposefully rare.

Gearbox weren’t required to put it in the game at all, as they had initially advertised it as being a one time event, and they did so simply out of their desire to please their fans.

Again, I do hope you get your skin/head and enjoy it, but I believe you’re slightly mistaken in assuming Gearbox are doing anything remotely wrong here. This isn’t close to a community consensus which must be addressed.

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C’mon, that’s a silly thing to say. Gearbox “helped” the fans by making it possible (even though very difficult) to even get the skins and heads. It makes it all that more rewarding when you turn over that skag pile and out jumps that skin you’ve been looking for. That’s what makes this game so different than others.

See I don’t truly understand where it is either off you are coming from, I have all the Gunzerker heads and skins, I’ve been farming for one skin for a couple months, really? Rare? Legendaries are rare I’ve had 2 cradles drop from skag piles before this skin, there is a rare head drop from badass enemies, now that’s rare, so what are we calling this? You’re right there is no demand for this skin to drop, that’s because the number of people that used to play don’t play anymore, I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this and they’ve all said the same thing, no one has it and they aren’t getting anywhere, so what do you suggest, save and quit and hit skag piles like I’ve been doing for weeks till it drops? You can send am enquiry to gearbox which doesn’t go to them, it goes to 2K so they can’t help you, I don’t see how they can put out shift codes for other customisation items and golden keys and not do for this? But hey ho I’m just a paying customer

Uh…“beating a dead horse”.

i’m not being funny but i have been farming for these skins for absolutely ages and I’m getting nowhere. i have emailed them too about helping me and they are not interested all they say is check on the forums, which is a joke because they’re from a couple of years ago so its no help I’m asking for help finding one skin in particular and I’m being told the same thing over and over again. Useless.

These skins were never meant to be for anything more than the Community Day.

It was a one off reward.

They were expanded to suit the demands of the community after a consensus search, which ultimately showed they wanted to reward those who got it by keeping it rather exclusive (and incredibly difficult to get) but not alienate those who hadn’t yet received it.

There are scales of rarity.

Gearbox went out of their way to re-implement it, which they never had to do in the first place as it was in NO WAY a guarantee.

Your opinions do matter, and they are valued, but they aren’t the only ones that matter.

Then I’m sorry but that’s a complete contradiction, how can it not be meant to alienate people that haven’t got it but then it not be a guarantee, everything in this game is guaranteed if you’re prepared to farm for it, the only difference is everything else has a location in which to farm, I’m not trying to be awkward, I bought borderlands 2 when it very first came out on PS3, and have played it religiously since then, unfortunately I was only a kid when the community day happened and didn’t have the money to buy the digital pack, to get a skin, so is it really not alienating people?

At the end of the day, I’ve heard many people say they have found these skins , i have been farming for a while now and it just hasn’t happened. All i wanted was abit of advice or guidance on where to go and all i got told was that they would drop, i never got given any indication on where or who by which in my opinion isn’t really fair cause i could be farming in the complete wrong place. All i can go off is youtube videos and forums from years ago so a little help or guidance from them would of been nice.

Genuinely no need to apologize, you’re being respectful and have absolute right to question these motives.

I see what you mean, but unfortunately bot true. The Grog Nozzle is not for example. It was a one off from the Loot Hunt. There are also exceptionally rare world drops that aren’t the skins and can be found from only a specific type of enemy.

While I do feel for your circumstance of being “timed out” effectively from where you economic circumstance was such, many timed exclusives among many platforms have favored the incentive for an “at that moment” purchase. The only difference is they give you no alternative. I can assure you, there was a LOT of negative feedback to them placing them as world drops at all, since a portion of people felt that it would lessen their exclusivity. Gearbox did their very best to make all parties happy (one of which was a party which literally paid for the extra content). I think you may be speaking from a place of frustration, which I do understand, but this isn’t GBX being the bad guys just a case of the unfortunate side effects of trying to please vast portions of your fan base which will always have different views on issues. Golden means often mean justice for all and contentment for none, but they’re the right thing to do.

They’ve reviewed this issue many times, and have worked on making their fans happy. Do you really believe a company who released their last patch for their game over 3 years after it’s initial release would be privy to ignoring fan feedback? I think you’re being far, far, far too harsh on their good sentiments.

Many many people have actually been using the skins as bargaining chips to get great items, such as special prefixes of the Twister. So you’ll see one up for trade sooner or later.

As for where to find them I have heard MANY people get success with areas that you tend to get customization drops (like those vehicle skins you keep picking up from skag/bullymong piles) those have seemed to be the most surefire method.

From what I understand though, any source that can be subjected to the unlimited world drop pool (such as piles) may hold them.

As @Giuvito mentioned, Gearbox already helped Borderlands 2 players several times. Initially, you could only get the skins by participating in the Community Day Event. Gearbox saw Borderlands 2 players requesting Gearbox make the Community Day items available as drops in-game. Gearbox did just that. They were very very rare drops and were initially account bound, meaning they could not be traded between players and would actually disappear if a player stored the item or simply quit without using it. I know because I found the Krieg Head. But since I don’t play Krieg, I figured I would store the Head and put it in my trade thread (on the old forums). Needless to say I found out the hard way that those items would disappear if not used. IIRC, Gearbox even released Shift Codes (which have since expired) for the Community Day Heads / Skins. Gearbox even offered a Twitch subscription (a one time fee of $20 USD) that would allow you to get all of the Community Day Heads /Skins for all supported platforms (PC, Xbox, Playstation) via separate Shift Codes. That is how I got my Community Day Heads / Skins. Lastly, Gearbox increased the drop rate of the Community Day Heads / Skins twice (once via Hotfix which requires an active Internet Connection and once via the 10/29/2015 patch which effectively made the drop rate increase permanent) and made them permanent items, meaning players could now trade them with other players (which was not possible initially). I would say Gearbox has done more than enough to make those very rare items available to Borderlands 2 players, especially when you consider the following: Gearbox released THC which easily includes $200 worth of content (and includes some features not supported on last gen Consoles) and can now be purchased brand new for $30 USD or less and when you also consider Gearbox released and is actively supporting Battleborn and Gearbox is likely in the very early development / planning stages of what will become Borderlands 3.

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Maybe I am being harsh, maybe I’m not, I’m not trying to offend anyone, a fighting chance is all that I want in getting one skin, just to be able to at least narrow it down. And as for that point off a game worth over $200? Well that’s wrong, how could they remaster the game and expect people to pay for all the DLC all over again, the handsome collection would never of sold

I believe he meant to say what it’s price was at initially as opposed to what it is being offered for.

@Poisd2Strike is well aware of market depreciation, but he’s meaning to say it is still exceptionally well priced for the hours of gameplay you get out of it and the sheer amount of content.

We’ll leave it here cos we’ve gone completely away from the original point here, which was a fighting chance for the community day gear, thanks for your help