Community day customizations for Gaige

Hey I’m new to the forums but been playing borderlands for a long time. I’m hoping there’s someone who can help me with the community day head and skin customizations for Gaige. I started playing in 2013, pretty much right after the community event so I missed my chance when they were easy to get. I’ve tried to tough it out and grind over the years but it’s getting soooo tedious, I’ve managed to get the zerker head so far but one drop in 5 years is discouraging. I finally decided to turn to the forums.

If you have a spare Halloween skin customization that would be awesome (shift code expired long ago and I missed my chance). I’m currently at 95/100 skins and 30/33 heads. If by chance you have a goliath and/or hippity hoppity head customization that would be amazing but I’m not getting my hopes up for those lol I’m determined to complete everything possible with Gaige and these customizations are basically all I have left on the ‘to do list’.

I dont have anything you are looking for, but I do know the items you are asking for are not included in the heads and skins you are missing. They are added on top. You should be able to obtain all 100 skins and 33 heads in game.

Not sure about the Halloween one. I thought you could farm the boss in Hallowed Hollow for that one.

According to, the Halloween skin codes should still work for XBox and PS even though they have officially expired.

There’s two different Halloween skins, one from the dlc and another from a shift code. As for the head customizations it shows up as 30/30 in my game. So I guess technically I got them all but I really want those extra ones. I guess I’ll just need to be extremely lucky for the community day customizations…

The skins I’m missing are really annoying to get though. I just got one early so I’m at 96/100 now. But aside from the community day and Halloween shift code skins, I’m missing the ones from vermiverous and son of mothrakk. Ughhh…lol But if the community day skin is considered an extra then there’s probably another skin I’m missing that I’m unaware of.

I tried, it doesn’t work unfortunately :frowning:

You’ll find a list of heads and skins here:

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