Community Day Head/Skin Hunting

So I’ve read what people have said on the forums about this, and here’s what I’ve found out: these drops are extremely very (extremely) rare obviously, they can be dropped anywhere, and the best hope of finding one would come from smashing skag/bone piles and pots (anything that can drop vehicle skins?) since they’re connected to the world drop table.

So my intention for posting this was to ask if anyone else knows a reliable way to get these drops that I could add to my list. I’ve been looking for a while with no results yet. Someone said that trading for them would be a good way to go about it, but I don’t have anything special enough to trade for one of these.

I got the zero skin and maya head from the pots in tiny tinas dlc. I want to get them all but they are just too rare. Trading is probably useless since most people will end up using the skin as they get them. They probably wont be able to get a duplicate either.

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Yeah, that’s what I figured. So I guess I’ll just continue to smash everything and hope I’m lucky enough to see one before I die.

Does anybody know what color the drops are? I don’t want to keep getting excited every time I see a purple skin pop out of a skag pile. Are they orange?

All blue i believe, all mine have been so far

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Ah, okay. Thanks a lot, man. I appreciate it.

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