Community Day Heads/Skins still obtainable?

Is it still possible to find these in game? I’ve been searching for so long that I have to ask to make sure.

They are still available because I found one (psycho skin) about a month ago in a skag pile in the Badlands.

They’re really REALLY rare world drops. My advice is to farm Tinder Snowflake and the train. Other than that, you’ll have to get lucky

I’ve farmed them both countless times, and have only seen vehicle skins (all of which I have), and the heads/skins related to that particular DLC pack. I’ve also farmed the bullymong piles outside of claptrap’s place for way too long looking for these with essentially the same results, bunch of vehicle skins that I already have.

It’s all down to luck. I thought getting a Sham with perfect parts was hard

Tinder and the train only drop vehicle skins and the Mercenary Day themed customizations. For the Community Day heads and skins you’re better off killing random enemies and hitting every creature pile you come across in the non-DLC areas of the game.


That’s what I thought.

there is a similar thread…

I disagree, only because I recently saw visual proof of it coming from an ammo chest in Tiny Tina DLC.

I never said they wouldn’t drop in the DLCs, just that the chances are better elsewhere (although still pretty abysmal) and that you’d certainly be better off hitting piles than farming Tinder Snowflake for them, since he only drops vehicle skins and the customizations exclusive to his DLC. The Community Day heads and skins are in the general loot pool, along with the previously “lost” skins (such as Dahl Efficiency).

I just watched a Killer 6 youtube vid that showed him loading in NVHM and hitting all the bullymong piles. and it was pointed out to not save/quite as all the skins/heads you acquired would disappear.

I will most likely give this a try, but it sure seems fishy to me. only in normal mode? and not to save/quite after acquiring them? that just seems fishy to me.

here, i dug it up:

I watched that video the other day. He’s just doing it in NVHM, so any enemies he encounters are easily killed in one shot, and the save/quit thing is because you supposedly lose the heads/skins if you save/quit without unlocking them first. I guess that’s supposed to be GB’s way of making them untradeable.

That video is from 2013. That’s from the actual Community Day event when the customizations were first introduced. If I’m not mistaken, during the event they would only drop from the Bullymong piles in the Southern Shelf. Since then the customizations were patched into the game and included in the general loot pool. Now they can drop anywhere from any suitable loot source and won’t disappear if you don’t immediately unlock them. You only need an extraordinary bout of luck to get one.


It’s these things that piss me off the most, but you gotta catch em all right :slight_smile:

Sorry, trying to be clever :grinning:

The skin I found in February is still on my mule, so they do not disappear.

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Well that’s good to know.

I never knew that. I thought I got character skins from it that were non-DLC. Guess I was wrong

yah, that seems to be the case. I actually spent an hour or so farming that location from Killer 6 vid shooting all the bullymond piles in NVHM. NOTHING! but runner skins. I’d get excited and see blue shiny pop up. run over and see it’s a runner skin I already have. lol yah, I suspected after running it about an hour that it was now a lost cause. At least that method is no more. so it’s just sheer luck from this point on. :slight_smile:

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As @anon13808724 says, that’s from the 2013 community day event. The drop rates are nowhere near that good any more. At least the fix to prevent them disappearing from your inventory if they weren’t redeemed got added to one of the updates. Still rarer than hen’s teeth, though.

I was more thinking that the vid I saw was recorded during the drop rate increase they were playing with a year back or so. maybe a couple years now. man, time flies. lol but as I was wasting my time in NVHM hoping to get a community day skin/head it dawned on me that the vid could have been recorded during that increase drop rate. man those were awesome times. :smile: I loved getting multiple drops at times. epic! as I told 0nez in my reply, that method is no more. it’s sheer luck from here on out. lol

I need to get Maya through the Tiny Tina DLC. So, VH. am I remembering correctly that you don’t have any characters at OP8? Care to change that? :smirk: @VaultHunter101 Paging! Ping! Ping! lol