Community Day Heads/skins

-Does anyone have a farming route for the community day heads? I’ve had no success so far in my runs
-Does anybody have any heads or skins to spare?

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I found the Psycho skin in the Badlands from a skag pile. They are very, very…did I say very? Rare world drops. I’m on PS4 so I won’t be able to help you.

If you have the vault hunter’s relic that might help, or if you have multiple people wearing it.

Not sure if that will help but that’s all I can think of.

Pyro Pete’s Bar maybe?

I don’t have any of these, either. I’m thinking the best bet is to take a max level character and drop into TVHM, then simply romp through the entire set of maps killing and smashing everything. Probably better with multiple players (more enemies = more chances). It’s going to take a while, though!


I am very interested in farming these as well. There is hope my community friends and BADASS(I’m looking at you @VaultHunter101) Behold visual proof…

Looks like Tiny Tina DLC is the place to start your farm. :wink:

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Man I really want the A Bullet In Her Bonnet head now. How rare are these heads and skins anyway? 1 in 10000? 1 in 100000?

No one really knows for sure outside of the GBX devs, but it’s a very small chance. I’m going to guess it’s the same as a world drop legendary (1 in 10,000, possibly 3 in 10,000) modified by whatever the chance for a skin/head to drop is.

Edit: @Kurtdawg13 - definitely up for some skin hunting some time. Might jump on tonight (if my son doesn’t beat me to the XB1) and figure out some likely routes. Maybe Sawtooth would be good?

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I am up for this. I thought about starting the Tiny Tina DLC with a character that hasn’t ran through it and see if anything pops up. I posted a link that showed visual proof of the head coming from an ammo crate from Tiny Tina DLC which is why I’d like to start there. Do you have any 72 characters that are not OP yet? Or maybe running it OP8 might yield better results? I will ponder this for a bit. :thinking:

None my level 72 characters are OP! Running in UVHM would have more enemy spawns than TVHM, but would obviously not be as fast if the goal was simply to clear everything as fast as possible. I’m not sure how enemy scaling in OP levels work - do you get more spawns in OP8 than UVHM on the same map? More super badass enemies or the same proc chance?

Ideally, we’d want to hit maps with the highest density of lootable objects. Lair of Infinite Agony could work pretty well, Sawtooth Cauldron, …

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I was farming the pots on tiny Tina, but I’ve spent about 3 hours or so and never gotten a head or skin. I’ve only ever gotten on of them in my thousands of hours of gameplay.

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my only observation on this very topic is on Terra. I farmed Terra for so long. I was doing it on Normal…then UVHM OP0. then OP8, and at OP8 I started getting skins and heads to drop. This could all be RNG. But, for me, I get “better” drops at OP8 than none OP8. and I don’t play in between OP levels. I’m OP8 or OP0. that’s it. :blush:

yes, that sounds good. I’m down to hit all those maps and then some. :smile:

Are these the one’s you guys are talking about?

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I’m not 100% sure but I might have the psycho, siren and Sal one. I’d have to check my characters on my 360 because I have head and skin mules. Definitely don’t wanna take away the fun of farming them from you guys but if you guys want them and I have them if fine with parting with them

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that sure is nice of you. Thank you. But, I for one would like to farm them.

[walks to podium, raises hand and proceeds to say…]“My name is Kurtis Helm and I have a borderlands addiction.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey man not a problem. If you ever change your mind just send me a message. You’re the guy from Gamefaqs right? I’m the one who I think referred you here because you were looking for active players? If you are glad to see you found people to play with and are hopfully are doing good. If not just disregard that lol. Peace man.

Oh hey man, I still have you added from months ago! You gave me my ther heads and skins! Lol yes those are it