Community Day Heads Xbox One

From what I understand the community day heads are now available as drops and can be dropped or loaded without disappearing. I’ve tried getting them from transferring save from 360 but it doesn’t seem to work. Im wondering if anyone happens to have the Maya community day Head, “Closing Time” and possibly skin they’d be willing to give/trade?
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If you already unlocked Maya’s Community Day Head and Skin on Xbox 360, then it should have transfered when you exported your Xbox 360 save and then imported into THC on Xbox One. If you already had those items unlocked but they didn’t transfer from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, then you should probably file a support ticket with GBX support ( ). They might be able to help you get them back. Although the latest patch made them permanent and able to be traded between players, the drop rate for those items was not increased so they are still extremely difficult to find. Good Luck!

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They have been in the game for a long time as hotfixes (technically they have been in the code for longer but the hotfix made them available as random drops). Problem is, they are world drops and we have no idea how they work and reported sightings are extremely rare.
Because they are world drops there is no specific way of farming them so all we can do is hope we may find one or two by some miracle. But one thing is for sure: their drop rate is beyond bad. I’ve found plenty of Legendary and even a few Pearls (although most came from Raid bosses) world drops before but not a single Community Day Skin/Head.

It’s just bad.