Community Day Help. Shift made me click on Steam -_-"

Really mad about this. I was activating Shift code for Gaige and all the while I see Steam listed on top to choose and PSN below it every single time when I input Shift codes but back to when I input Gaige code… suddenly PSN was at the top choice and Steam at the bottom and I quickly saw I click on Steam and it was too late.

I don’t use Steam for this game at all. Is there a way to get that code out of my Steam and onto my PSN or is it gone for good? That accident made me so mad that I unlink Steam. I didn’t see a point why I had Steam linked and thought it just to link my existing gamer profile over there

Just use the same code again and choose different platform.

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Thank you very much. I could’ve sworn it didn’t work or it giving me an already redeemed message (not sure if it was from another code). It works <3