Community day skin/head info

Hey, I’m just looking for anyone who might have CURRENT info on the community day skins/heads. I’m looking for the ones for the siren if anyone has them I’ve got stuff to trade. I just found the community day skin for Gaige (already used it sorry) in a skag pile in the wildlife exploitation preserve yesterday so I know they’re still dropping. I know that currently they are just a crazy rare world drop, but I’ve also heard that that they have a higher chance to drop from bully mong piles by claptrap’s place in windshear waste. Just wanted to see if anyone can confirm that or any other rumors floating around before I spend forever farming. Thanks!

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I have found one in a skag pile in the Badlands. It seems that skag piles are the way to go for farming these items.

Congratulations! I have been smashing everything for ages in the forlorn hope of seeing even one. They are indeed a very rare world loot drop, so who knows how long it will take to find another one. If you should find a second of the same character, you can pretty much name your price for it in trade.

I keep bugging @JoeKGBX - and now I should bug @MereAtGBX as well - that the community heads and skins would make a FANTASTIC fifth anniversary celebration gift for the fans who continue to play this game.


This thread should be linked to the “what sustains you in the game”. Cause, I keep hoping for these to show up in my game. I don’t think I have any of them. :disappointed:

@TRUFFLESHUFFLE7 nice tag. makes me think of Goonies. :sunglasses:

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Along with one more go at loot hunt day drops (damn you cobra! ) :wink:

I stay up at night thinking about all the overlooked and forgotten loot I’ve missed in the years I’ve been playing Borderlands. I’m not one to check all the loot sources so I wonder if I’ve ever had a community day item just laying on the ground while I save and quit.

Thank you @barbrouge391 you are a scholar and a gentleman. :blush:
I was gifted Maya’s community day head yesterday and am very appreciative. Thank you kind sir. It was blue rarity and I did not have it so that was awesome to receive. I have it equipped on my Maya. She looks awesome. :heart_eyes: