Community day skins and heads

Looking for the community day skins and heads. Specially maya and gaige but would love all. Pm me on psn Wickedspades. Appreciate the help!



Do you now what the heads and skins are called and or rarity?

Maya: head: closing time
skin: last call

Gaige: head: a bullet in his bonnet
Skin: alive and kicking

Krieg: head: reach for the skis
Skin: how do I vests

Zero: head: I d0 declare
Skin: D0nt get my dander up

Sal: head: the beard with no name
Skin: the dwarf with no name

Axton: head: call down the thunder
Skin: stand there and bleed

Looking for gaige and maya heads and skins most. No clue on the rarity. And since the customizations no longer disappear I thought this would be the best time to ask.

Sorry for double post. Forgot to reply to you directly.





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That’s the spirit! :acmaffirmative:

At this point just looking for the maya skin.