Community day skins farming

So i recently farming for the community day skins with a friend by smashing and killing everything in our way in TVHM.
Heard they mostly drop out of smaller sources like tiny tina dlc pots and skag piles. So we spent ours run through the dlc, badlands, Wildlife and the fridge without any luck :smiley:
What are your experience with them? Did you find any of them or is it a waste of time?
It seems that looking for a speciefic one (maya skin) is nearly impossible :smiley: thought we had more luck but its getting frustrating finding nothing

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They are rare world drops with no designated source, so you’re going about it the only way possible. If you want the Maya skin specifically, play as Maya - this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the Maya skin should one drop, but the loot pool is biased in favour of the player character.

I’ve been smashing poop piles in Windshear and Three Horns and, out of >700 piles have 21 vehicle skins and not a single player skin. So yes, rare

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The loot pool is in favour of the charakter i play? Really? :smiley: i play borderlands since tge beginning of the first game and never knew that :smiley: only noticed it when i was looking for coms

I wish there was a way to get them without just getting extremely lucky. I have none of them yet and I’m sad

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Yes i also want to find them by myself. Maybe one day i will be lucky :smiley: just wanna hear the experiences of finding or looking for the skins

Yeah I think it just sucks that they are so incredibly rare because they look awesome.

I found one in the Badlands last February during the 1st Annual Unofficial Hunt. It was the Krieg skin.



A buddy gave me Maya’s community skin. He had already had it and he was farming the LLM and on his way through the WEP, he got it in a skag pile. I’ve also seen a pic of community day head popping out of a ammo chest in the Dragon Keep DLC, it was at Unassuming Docks to be specific. :wink:

I haven’t ran across any myself. and I have a ton of hours of play time across a few characters. It has to be the rarest item(s) in the game, imo. I have choppers, twisters, a couple Ogre’s(pretty hard to get) and a ton of Norfleets. No community day heads/skins have I ever found myself. :expressionless:

Another very rare item imo, would be a perfect Longbow Quasar. that was given to me cause ive only found a perfect level 72 and OP6, never an OP8.

You really need Unbelievable luck but it seems the game always do what it wants :smiley:
Found a perfect op8 longbow quasar in the hours and days of farming for vermi. Never even get a quasar again :smiley:

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you are a lucky Vault Hunter. :wink: With all my Vermi farming, I’ve only been graced with a perfect OP6 version. it is truly the best nade mod in the game, imo. :wink:

Depends on who you play with. I like the stormfront and magic missle also very much. And the fastball is very amusing with krieg and axton :smile: