Community Day skins

Hey there guys, was just wondering if theres any way to get the 2013 Community Day skins. In a legit way if possible.

The way I got them was through the promotional digital bonus pack they made available over a year ago, where you would buy a subscription to the Gearbox channel on Twitch and you’d get all of the community day customizations and pre-launch access to Homeworld Remastered. By buying the pack they would send you SHiFT codes for the skins. Since it was related to the release of HR, I’m not sure if the pack is still available. I don’t regret buying it, since those are my favorite skins in the game, but just so you know, it took a while for them to send me the codes (I had to file a complaint before they did) and there’s a pretty good chance my credit card was cloned though the process. I’m not saying it was either Gearbox or Twitch’s fault, but it wasn’t a very secure transaction. So be careful. Anyway, I don’t know if that promotional digital pack is still available, but you could check it out. Here’s the link to the original announcement:

If you’re willing to shell out a few bucks just to get the skins, you might wanna ask Gearbox if the Community Day 2013 Digital Bonus Pack is still available for purchase. As far as I know, that’s the only legit way to get those skins unless they’re planning to re-release them anytime soon.

UPDATE: Scratch that last part. Apparently, the Community Day heads and skins will be implemented as world drops in an update for the game that will be released for all platforms tomorrow (10/29/15). So you’ll finally be able to obtain these customizations in-game: Update Coming to Borderlands 2 on October 29, 2015

They are already available as a hotfix but have a ridiculously poor drop rate. I do hope they have adjusted their drop rate now.

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I dropped the skins for Maya a while ago multiple times.

Has anyone ever found these heads and skins as a world drop since the update?..I don’t think so. My friends and I play this game literally every day and have not seen these items since the update.

Please, someone let me know that you have found a skin or head since the patch/update…anyone?:confounded:

@Sun_Tsunami , I have gotten the Sal and Krieg skins as a drop on the ps4. I have no clue where I got them though it was a while ago and didn’t know that they where special skins. probably form a skag pile, I pop all of them.


Hey so I’ve also been looking around for these skins does anyone have one they’d like to trade? I know it’s a long long shot but I’ve got the rare skin drop from king mong for the mechromancer…

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Thanks for the response, @Darla. Now I am going to spend days farming for these drops, cuz I have to have them.

I got the zero Skin from a pot in tiny tina dlc when i was running through with 2 players today.


Congrats!..I’m so jealous.

I would love to hear some input about this, I doubt they drop from common mobs, I have never seen them after hundreds of hours. And I don’t think they drop from common skag piles anymore, that used to happen but they patched it. Now I only find car skins in them.

Anybody have kawaii killer for maya and shadaloo stylist for commando? My psn is christimarie19 plz i need it >~<

Try here

Back when I was still on PS3 I got most of the painful to get heads and skins from there.

Thank u c:

Thank you for telling us that! I’ve been wondering if they actually dropped as a world drop. (:

So by world drop, I’m guessing that means it’s possible to get these skins and heads from any boss, enemy, or suitable loot source?