Community Discord Giveaway Thread

Over on the Project 1v1 Discord I’ve decided to give back to the community via a giveaway. In order to be included in the giveaway you have to post your best experience with the Project 1v1 CTT.

Not a part of the CTT? Don’t fret! Post your favorite experience in any of Gearbox’s games to enter! I’ll run this contest until October 20th! I’ll pick names at random from this thread and award them in random order prizes of their choice from the giveaway which are listed on the Community Discord here:

Good Luck!

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My best experiences with the Project 1v1 CTT, is when you match against someone with the same weapon cards and similar skill level, and you do the “dance”. Basically you both go backwards and forwards trying to eliminate each other, but are so evenly matched that you either completely avoid dying and take it in turns to take damage and heal, or you end up eliminating each other at the same time in epic ways. Cant help but giggle when a match plays out this way, through some may find it frustrating, I find it highly enjoyable.

Dude, I think you’re going to win, you’re the only one who responded xD

For me, My best experiences were when both players had the exact same card set and when the matches were dead even. One would die, then the other would and the cycle would repeat. The scores were tied and the timer had expired. The ferocity that both players go at each other with triples as each of them try to get the final kill. Ah, I love those matches, even though those matches were very few. :smiley:

My favorite moment was when I first loaded the game up. The adrenaline and excitemenet on my face to try a beta. The first wonderous load ip screen watching it down load in fromt of me. As it finsished I smached my left mouse button waiting for project 1v1 to open. Then when it did. My mind blew with the graphics. I looked at the menus with curiosity as how to play. Then I started my first match.

My favorite moments from the game was when you would get so evenly matched with your opponent that you’re both pretty high in kill counts and tied, then all of a sudden, with like 10 seconds left, one of you backpedals into a pit. Its always so surreal, but hysterical, and it really makes you be careful about your environment, especially during high stress moments. One of my favorite things about Gearbox FPS’s is that they incorporate at least minimal platforming. Most FPS’s wouldn’t even think about having pifalls like Borderlands or 1V1, but its a small detail that goes a long way.

I don’t know that I had any one experience that was “the best”, but I loved the game artwork and the overall concept of the multilevel combat, which made for an awesome game! I can’t wait for the full version to be released!

Having been in the CTT since the beginning, I was excited to get involved with this. I’m going for game design in college right now, and it’s great to learn a few things about the development process from professionals at Gearbox, or people who know them. In terms of participating in the CTT, my most enjoyable moment was when I first gave feedback and it was taken note of; it felt great that I was able to pitch in and assist where I could! However, if we’re talking about the game itself, I recall a match-up where I was up against a tesla-turret-shield player… it was real tough. I ran an RPG, shotgun, the fire charge, code-breaker, and double jump. I personalized it by calling it the “Firecracker” set; silly name, but at the time I thought it was so cool. Anyway, I went up against this camping tesla user while the damage ramp-up was still in an iffy state, but I pushed myself to beat him, and so I did. He’d zap me, I’d blow him up; his turret would gun me down, I’d come back and shoot him around a corner. Like I mentioned, it was rough going up against someone so defensive, especially with a shield. I somehow pulled through and made it, winning me a decent amount of XP. I’d say these are my two best experiences with the CTT!

I never really played quake or any of those games, so going into a shooter like this has been a great experience. The most fun I had was when I would play against someone else who was also horrendous at the game, and neither of us could land any shots.

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My favorite part of participating in the 1V1 alpha was being able to see where I was skill wise as a player. I had fun climbing the ranks and winning!

Favourite time… hmmm well I’d say the 1-72 playthrough my brother and I did on Borderlands 2. We both love that game and cannot wait until the 4th game in the series comes out!


I also enjoyed 1v1 for the most part but hey, what game can beat borderlands 2 co-op.

Sorry for my english who’s not the best, I speek french. The game vas really nice, the graphics the fightings mechanics everything was nice! One thing, I got some problems with people using railgun, that gun is so powerfull! You should do something for the people fighting with the teleporter and the railgun, like killing the teleporter. There’s just a tips for gearbox :wink: . But really the game was nice when the player’s set looked the same, it was more hard and creating really nice fights. The air should not be a spell it should be a capacity. You really need it in fights.

P.S. : I was pleased to give my review.

My most enjoyable experience with Project 1v1 has to have been the arena mode. It was nice watching people play while in queue and when ~8 people were queuing for it. Was a blast.

I very much enjoyed the 1v1. i read nothing and just jumped into my 1st match. Was quite that AHA moment as my opponent and I…i’m assuming both of us …This was our 1v1 match. We both fell in a the pit a few times as we did that “digital death dance move” . I remember that 1st time that adrenaline hit…holy cow…i am racing around the map…we stand…face to face…then as neither of us are very good at this yet…took what seemed like forever to get killed or be killed.
I really don’t remember who did get the kill…was in stitches laughing as we both used the smily faces…the big eyes…the smirk…emoticons were awesome.

Ah, I loved those moments as well…

Thanks to everyone that commented here!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the CTT in their own ways and got the chance to make some new friend as well as experience this new game from Gearbox!

I’ll be contacting those that commented here if they won, I’ll update them as I get a hold of them as to what position they get to pick their goodies at!

Thanks again to everyone in the community that helped make our discord fun to be a part of! Let’s keep it up and have some fun in the future when the next part of testing starts!

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