Community feedback : Patch 25/06 : What is now viable

Hello there fellow forum dweller.

With tonight patch, the game will underwent a new massive overhaul why not post about your test and see which ability/weapon/build will become viable/good for M10 overnight. I’ll edit along the way to gather information.

To set some level of comparaison, let’s say that to be viable a weapon ought to have similar kill time to the current Kaoson, seem like a good comparaison since it’s good, but not broken
As for weapon and ability that go beyond that and that are capable of ruining annointed in ten second or less, that’ll be the “kick ass” tier

This way we’ll have a global overlook of what new thing are nice to toy with as of now. Four category then :

Melee/Slam/Slide build :

  • Unleash the dragon build : Viable, mainly cause you can inflict the dot on many enemies at once, but not great
  • Facepuncher : Kick ass : Does a surprinsingly high amount of damage with a build centered around it
  • White elephant : Viable, but the face puncher does most of the job now so it’s more a case of a “cherry on top” build
  • Straight up melee still don’t do much damage

Damaging ability (Appart from IB) and damaging talent :

  • Rakk build is great
  • Amara Remnant still only work as a overkill spreader
  • Amara Do unto other is still crap
  • Amara skill does some damage if fully spec into it, but they are still very underwelming compared to their CD, I don’t see the point of a 30 sec cooldown skill if it does as much damage as two round of shotgun of the same element, more or less.

Weapon :

Iron bear and pet build :

  • IB seem pretty strong so far with green/blue build and com that synergize with it
  • Zane clone is extrmely strong if spec into the red tree
  • Zane drone do viable damage and can solo a badass if it spent it’s full duration on it

From the looks of it, you get the new sniper, you delete everything on the screen with one trigger pull.

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From the looks of it TONS of DLC 3 weapons are just vastly better in every way shape and form than at least 85% of other weapons in the game. BL3 balance is a joke.


The new maliwan sniper is crazy, the bloom is crazy, the lightshow is crazy. the harold is of course crazy. And that’s just what i’ve seen so far.


Not a joke its strategy for you to buy into that sweet dlc content if you ain’t got the season pass already.
Short reminder its cheaper than buying every dlc one by one.


So I may as well not farm because of impending nerfs. :sweat_smile:


That’s kinda the point of a DLC with a level increase.


Nah, that’s kind of the point when you want to market DLC and your balance team is a joke. Also most of this stuff will probably be nerfed ASAP. The new melee skill is literally one shotting enemies so that’s probably not even gonna last until next week tbh.


If stuff wasn’t better, if levels didn’t increase your overall strength, then why would I ever buy another DLC?

I see it more as a problem that I can’t refarm my old favorites at 60.


My iron bear damage is still sort of awfull, can’t kill even scraptrap mob with explosive miniguns on m10. Maybe I am doing something wrong atm but this not looks like the buff that they were talking about. But it’s better then it was for shure, coz damage can be at least seen when shooting enemy.

*This week’s patch notes:

Groundbreaker - fixed and issue where the skill was dealing unintended extra damage.*

Just waiting for it.


They literally stealth nerfed the backburner and didn’t put it in the patch notes because they KNEW it’d make people mad, and we can’t have people mad on DLC launch day O.o JOKES!


Next line:

Iron Bear - We know that Iron Bear isn’t doing the damage our playerbase thought that it would at Mayhem 10. We know that it replaces your character, and ignores everything that you have equipped, but you need to get a Class Mod that has Action Skill Damage on it, if you would like to do something with your action skill.


Nope, IB is definitely still totally and utterly useless, continuing on with Amara as usual after I transfer the weapons back.

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Eh, I hoped that I’m wrong somehow, at least autobear works fine with hp scalling, for agrro :frowning:

IB feels “slightly” healthier but that’s of zero use since it can’t even scratch the shields of a badass on M10.

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Iron Bear’s damage is still weak in Mayhem 10. No damage scaling.
Gearbox, did you even test your game before releasing the patch?

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Lol I just tried with IB against Gigamind on M10. My M1 lob was doing more damage lol.

Mr chew seems to not die at all let alone lose health on m10. And he does some damage to kill enemies alone too. Course i speced all in with him so its a nice thing :slight_smile:

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Yeah it looks like Moze is the only one who got shafted (again!!!)

I think gbx hates Moze haha

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