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I have always loved this idea, eff dedicated only drops lol

I have been working on a theory to transfer power from annointments to skill trees, the problem I run into is if we buff skill trees to Mayhem damage they will obliterate the normal campaign and lower Mayhem levels.

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With console load times it’s nothing but a chore

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I wish I could remember who it was and I can’t but somebody suggested in another topic that the likelihood of dedicated loot dropping should increase to correspond with the Mayhem level. I think that’s a great compromise as opposed to just a flat increase across the board.


Exactly. PC players can load, kill, and reload in the time it takes my Xbox to load into the game from the character selection. We need an in-game way to reset the bosses, even if it’s a suicide trigger like Killivolt. Money is less valuable than time at this point.

At best for a given boss, console players had maybe half the chance of farming most bosses than PC players, due to load times.


For the first time in over a month I wanted to play just for that event. There was a couple of very specific guns that I wanted to get, and this was the best chance to get them. So let me tell you how it went.

Gun #1. Quite simple really, I wanted a Molten Resolute or Krovvy Light Show with minimum 9400 X4 damage and either the STNL Active 100% Cryo or the ASA 200% Damage Annointments.

With a 100% drop rate it still took 617 runs and most of my week just to get this one gun.

And that pretty much blew my plans and my desire to play any more of this game for quite a while. Even with a 100% drop rate, to take hundreds of runs spread out over days of playing, doing nothing else but farming the same boss over and over and over again, it’s just not fun. And then when the gun finally did drop, I didn’t have any great feeling of achievement, I was so tired of the farming that I simply no longer wanted to play anymore.

I loved Borderlands 2. Sure, there was farming, but there was a point to the farming. You were looking for gear to play the game with. The problem with Borderlands 3 is it’s nothing more than farming, outside of the farming there’s pretty much nothing to do. Two takedowns, only one of which is fairly good, and that’s pretty much it. A year after release and that’s all there is to do in the game.

If the developers spent half the time developing new content that they’ve wasted on creating Mayhem and then endless rebalancing when nothing works right because of it, this could have been a fantastic game. Instead it’s just a wasted opportunity and a failed promise.

They could have simply ported BL2 over to the new engine and I would be happier with it than I am with this game.


Sorry, my dudes. An overly srs bsnss poll is not what I had in mind. I didn’t analyze the syntax & semantics of my poll questions either.

I’m not French nor am I German. I didn’t expect people to know French and/or German when I made this poll. Now you know my truth

The run from the lost loot machine to Marcus is short enough that I’ve never had a problem with the NPC’s on Sanctuary- I also spend as little time there as possible and have done only 4 of the quests listed there, 2 of them being the Cartel event and the latest DLC…

I had pretty high hopes for the dedicated loot event but honestly I had a similar experience to what you’ve described. I did hundreds and hundreds of farm runs that week, making sure to play every day and I can honestly say I walked away with 1(?) gear upgrade. I needed a level 60 Hellshock with 100% cryo anointment and I’m happy to say I got one. But all the other items I tried farming for… didn’t go so well. I left with a different perspective because I honestly believed that grinding for gear would be a night and day improvement, but it turns out even with 100% dedicated drops I felt just as discouraged as I would have with normal drop rates. 25+ hours of nearly empty farming was all the convincing I needed to stop playing the game again.

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At least the boss drop event showed us, one thing. Borderlands 3 is no looter shooter anymore.
It became a lottery shooter.