Community Legendary Gear Cards

So while Kleese was busy off secretly watching re-runs of “One Star To Live” (he heard Oscar Mike mention it in passing and out of what he called “Scientific Curiosity” he went and looked it up on the holo-net with Ghalt’s subscription account, which he “borrowed” without his knowledge, and no one has heard from him since) I took the opportunity to tinker with Magnus “lowlibot” and discovered some highly classified files on new weapon armaments based on supposedly “important figures” that no one in Solus has even heard of. :thinking:

DISCLAIMER: These were created with the consent and collaboration of @MentalMars, @Kaleidodemon, and @EdenSophia. The idea behind them is to create a cool sounding Legendary that embodies that person and/or the contributions they have made to the community in a light-hearted manner. Be warned, some of these are likely to get nerfed into the ground the moment they are released into the sandbox (especially that @MentalMars one)!!

Magnus “lowlibot” now has a new !gear community command that will return you a list of all Community Gear in his databanks (including a super secret one @EdenSophia made me create), you can also query the gear directly using !gear username in similar fashion to Character Legendaries.

This is just the first batch of individuals I wanted to feature due to their contributions to what I do both on the forums, on Discord and all those hours playing with Aussie Red Bars. Every one of these guys/gals are awesome people and are great examples of why I love this community who have stuck around and supported each other and Battleborn. :heart:

If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself) to get a fictional Legendary added into Magnus “lowlibot”, I have a few requirements (not unlike getting nominated for Community Badass ;)).

  • You should be on the Unofficial Discord Server (its a cool place, so why wouldn’t you be?)
  • What are your desired Major and Minor stats as well as your favourite character from the game (doesn’t have to be one of the Battleborn either)
  • What makes the person nominated great and/or what defines them as a member of our community?
  • PM me instead of posting it in the comments so I can keep it a secret until it is ready to go live :wink:

From this I will try to come up with a gear name, unique perk and a piece of flavour text (maybe with the help of a talented writer) to create a custom Legendary that only that person can wield. I will also PM them to get approval and to make adjustments before adding it to “lowlibot”.


Excellent idea!

This is GREAT, didn’t see this one coming this morning :smiley:
I think @lowlines did some research when he created “The Breadstick”

Breadstick = Becasue i’m a Content Creator by Day and a Battlebread Baker at Night
MentalMarmot = MentalMars Reference in the Reyna Lore (thanks Randy)
Oscar Mike = My favorite hero and Jim (the voice actor of Oscar Mike) did some custom lines for me that you can hear in my videos
Attack Speed / Skill Damage = Who doesn’t want that?
The Breadstick = OP

BTW can we get a PUNZERKER Gear item for Joe with -10% Skill :stuck_out_tongue:

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I suppose I’ve just revealed the fact that I’ve watched a lot of your videos and remember a certain conversation I had with you a while back :wink:

Yours was actually the first one I thought up and was the basis for all the others.

@JoeKGBX and @Jythri are already on my radar for this, but its going to take some time to do Gearbox ones since I run on a like 11 hour time difference to them and I want to make sure I am doing right by everyone that gets one made to get the sign-off before posting them up.


You rang? :dukecigar:

More crap I have to collect

This sounds awesome and I can already think of a lot of great ones for some of the regulars here

I want them all and I love Sophia’s.
I’m surprised you didn’t make your own.

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Oh darn this is such an amazing idea for a fanart-project!!! :heart_eyes:


I’ve been showing mine off in the Discord. As MentalMars was saying this was a very pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning. :smiley:


cough Well…I did mention @EdenSophia made me create a super secret one that she came up with the name and unique perk :heart:

You’ll have to go check it out on your own by having a little chat with Magnus “lowlibot” :wink:


Haha, I was wondering why The Breadstick popped up with lowlibot. The rest confused me but not as much. Great idea!

They’re meant as a joke while trying to describe that person in a nutshell. @Kaleidodemon’s for instance is because he created the Unofficial Battleborn Discord and has been know to help newbies learn the game. :wink:


Yes, by letting them stomp me into the ground when they’re on the other team playing against me. :sob:


Yeah, I noticed how fitting the name was. Idk much about mm so I didn’t get the Breadstick joke. Eden was obvious lol. Yours is pretty good. Too good. Like, instantly game breaking lol

@MentalMars was a joke about how he’s a baker content creator by day and a content creator baker by night :wolf:. If you’ve watched any of his awesome videos, you will know he got some specially recorded lines for Oscar Mike about a MentalMarmot which is @Jythri’s way of paying tribute to him. That and anything Oscar Mike says is just funny as hell.


Oh yeah, I forgot he was a baker! And I’ve watched a few, but only his more recent ones. I had largely ignored his videos, not because of him, but because I prefer reading over videos, but they’re great, and very informative. “Hello Randy”

Two new ones.

Approved by @Tokesy97 !gear forum mod(s)

Approved by @Gulfwulf !gear gulfwulf


I stayed up late (totally not because I was waiting for Kid Ultra news) for getting approval on these.

Approved by @JoeKGBX !gear joek (you got your wish @MentalMars ;))

Approved by @Jythri !gear jythri or !gear randy (credit goes to @EdenSophia for the awesome flavor text)



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There was a slight error with the title of @JoeKGBX’s Gear Card. It has now been corrected. :sunglasses:


These are amazing, @lowlines! Thanks again so much!

Hey @Jythri - LOOK!