Community Legendary Gear Cards

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If you are on Twitter, you might have seen I posted a new Community Gear Card I did on a whim while being frustrated with doing updates to my website.

At the time of posting, gear cards everywhere should start looking like the slick new in-game UI :sunglasses:


How many likes do you have?
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So there’s a new Community Badass today, which is plenty reason to make another one of these! :sunglasses:


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Thanks to the necro, I was able to see this beautiful thread!

This is so cool!

Thanks for creating these, they really bring a unity to the community!

I hope you keep these up, whenever you find a justification!



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I should probably get a Necro Badge! :sweat_smile:

Mind, all the threads I do it on are long running projects that sometimes have no new work done on them for months!


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Not even upset about the necro!

I apologize if I gave off that impression!

This thread is great, it should remain alive, and hopefully frequently updated!

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You’re at that status where you can get away with necroing, because of everything you’ve done for the community.


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Yes Mr Legendary Thread D-Railer. :sunglasses:


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Rubs back of neck and looks away, embarrassed.

Hey… I’m just a forum clown, and had to drunkenly ASK for mine at the goading of my friend. I’m really not worthy of it…

Still, it’s very much appreciated, and i thank you again :slight_smile:


(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #49

@lowlines if you make one for me make the trigger “after knife handing a soup sandwich”


(lowlines - PS4) #50

It was many months in the making (and about 5 minutes of spontaneous inspiration) but Kitru now has their own Community Gear Card. :sunglasses:

This one has a bunch of different elements to it. For one, the lore behind it is that high ranking LLC Executives with a lot to lose would secretly pocket one of these devices for dire situations where their life is on the line. Upon activating, this timepiece would augment the space around the user allowing them to alter their fate. Upon discovery, this device was banned in many LLC controlled systems where it was believed to give companies an “unfair competitive edge”. The lore text also represents the fact that Kitru has been banned from the forums multiple times. :sweat_smile:

Moving on, this gear piece is the inverted counterpart of the Chrono Key, a piece of gear that once upon a time was seen as extremely powerful. The difference here is that you HAVE to take damage to really benefit from it’s unique perk. Characters with a small amount of health might find it too risky to use. This also symbolises Kitru’s knack for heated arguments.

Finally, the perk icon is an unused graphic asset, making Kitru’s gear the only one with it. :sunglasses:

The fact that I have been watching Naruto Shippuden and that there are certain genjutsu’s in the series that can manipulate reality is pure coincidence :sunglasses:


(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #51

@KitRyu good job on this, and ESPECIALLY the lore, its both interesting and fits in

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So no izanami?


(NOPE) #53

Hahaha wrong ping. :3


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Damn It lol

Good job @Kitru

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That one might have to wait until the new skill type comes out. The one that I think cancels out other skills?

@cadecampbell @KitRyu, @Kitru is banned from the forums, so it makes sense you can’t @mention them. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I’m still waiting on a gear item that activates after knife handing a soup sandwich! :stuck_out_tongue: messing with you by the way haha


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When I first read this I was like…WTF?? Then I spent 5 minutes on urban dictionary. :triumph:


(Penguin connoisseur.) #58

Sounds like a Krieg line, haha!


(Gone off comms, will update this when i feel like) #59

But I’m not the conductor of the poop train! and to see proper use a knife hand take r lee ermey in full metal jacket and tell him he can’t point with one finger(he has to extend all fingers)

(If they had made a knife hand taunt I’d have spammed it endlessly not gonna lie)


(Nicholas J) #60

That is shocking awesome work! Wow!

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