Community Legendary Gear Cards

(lowlines - PS4) #61

Here’s 2 long overdue community spotlights. @beya and our MVP Jim Foronda! May you both continue to be awesome!


And here’s a breakdown of each gear card.

Infused Magnus Core - @beya is (to the best of my knowledge) the biggest ISIC fan in the community so I wanted something that felt like it paid tribute to that. A magnus core is essentially the heart of a Magnus and I’d imagine one that has been “infused” is even more special. Originally I was working on the idea that ISIC had modified his energy receptors to convert the blood and tears of his enemies into clean renewable energy, but that idea didn’t really pan out. Then I recalled one of the artworks beya did where they were fighting alongside each other and shielding from enemy attacks.

The unique perk and flavour text runs on the idea that enemy fire actually benefits the user by boosting their shields each time they are totally depleted, similar to how a Saiyans from Dragon Ball would get stronger after recovering from major damage. It provides up to +348 Max Shield Strength and because it’s major stat isn’t max shield, can be combined with more max shield gear to create quite a sizeable shield increase!

Most Valued Employee Pin - Pretty much anyone that knows Jim Foronda, thinks he’s an awesome person and the voice actor of several notable characters in Battleborn including ISIC, Oscar Mike and Whiskey Foxtrot. He’s also very passionate about Battleborn, having collected nearly every single Legendary gear piece in the game and has even started making his own line of unofficial Lego Battleborn, which if you haven’t seen before…prepare to be amazed!!

[details=Tweets of every Lego Battleborn Jim has posted][/details]

So there’s 2 things going on with this one; he is such an awesome guy that even the higher ups in the LLC HAD to acknowledge his worth and presented him with a special badge of honor (a play on MVP). With it comes a slight wage increase (bonus shards) which Jim is then able to fund his hobby which is building awesome Lego Battleborns :sunglasses:

(Magnus Whisperer || ISIC's s.o.) #62

Hearing the thought process behind it makes me love it even more, and while clearly ISIC is the most important, I hold all the Magnuses dear, so a Magnus core gear is definitely spot-on… I’m so happy and honored to have my own Battleborn community legendary made in the spirit of ISIC/Magnus AIs (holy crap!) and to have it on the anniversary too which makes receiving it extra special, so much hype :blush: I’m truly grateful, thank you so much @lowlines

(lowlines - PS4) #63

Here’s a very special addition to the Community Legendary Gear Card collection.

Curious to know what this is about? Jump on the Discord and scroll back a bit in #battleborn or ask one of the locals. :wink:

(Deandes in crime ) #64

Oh yeah I forgot about this. Was there some way to make one for myself or how was this done again?

(Penguin connoisseur.) #65

The same way you sustain someone: Kill a star. :slight_smile:

(Natsume Ryu) #66

azdfghuhfdcged. thank you lowlines.


(unmaking the universe with math) #67

Double the range
Double the beauty

It’s like Bowie and Rath did the fusion dance

(lowlines - PS4) #68

I was going to make a tool for making your own, but never got round to it so I’m basically just creating new ones when something significant happens or I just feel like it. I think I had some criteria listed in the OP, but I’ve made a couple that didn’t meet those criteria for a variety of reasons.

(Is this thing on?) #69

So just edit the criteria - it’s your gig, after all! :thumbsup:

(lowlines - PS4) #70

1st Place - @n1h1l1stb0t


2nd Place - @lemuren97


3rd Place - TM12 (via Discord)


Battleborn Day 4 - 2nd Anniversary
(lowlines - PS4) #71

Community Gear Page is now up!

(Penguin connoisseur.) #72

Dare I… "D-Rail" it? :smirk:

(lowlines - PS4) #73

For @Nema, your love for Attikus had no equal. It’s not much, but I know that if you were still with us, you would have loved to have gotten a Community Gear Card of your own. You can thank @Beya for the awesome name! :heart:

Pinging @NicolaiB_92

Like all other community gear cards, you will be able to find it on the community page and through lowlibot on the discord.


She’d have loved this very much. Thank you for making this for her.