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So right after the launch of 2.1, I asked my Producer what it would take to get some ‘Mod author’ maps in to our base build - Maybe a ‘best of’ selection (with full credit, etc). Something to encourage more people to try them out, look up their other work on the Workshop, etc.

So - a few questions/thoughts:

  • First, at the moment this is entirely just an idea - there’s no real intent here other than to see what people think.
  • Second, obviously, anyone who’s work would be published like this would be given full credit, be contacted directly, and have to sign a release for the specific work in question.
  • Third, only ‘simple’ maps would work - nothing with crazy scripts or extra tie-ins. Why? Because once we bring things ‘in house’ we need to understand and be able to test them, including any future updates… simple is best in that case. Some ‘basic’ logic would be fine though.
  • Fourth, the map names need to be translated into every language we support - either via community members, or our own services.

What does everyone else think?


Great idea. If it goes through, feel free to use my 8 player versions of Crimson Bond and Sarum Dust Clouds. A few more 4v4 maps are definitely needed in HWR!

P5yNerGy (@FuzzyLogic666) also has a ton of great maps:
4v4: Crucible and Kharum Graveyard
3v3: Armed for Burial, Call To Arms Expert, Fallen Lords, Angel Wing, Shield Evolution, Sarum Badlands, TFL Crimson Bond, MicroBond
2v2: Demons Den

All of these maps can be found here:

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Someone updated a MAP mod last night (the one with a 1000 maps, including Cata).

This idea sounds similar to what Blizzard does in SC2 with Team Liquid’s maps, and those seem to work out pretty well.

Maybe we do it like this:

  • Have an open nomination phase - suggest a specific map from an author.
  • Then we can vote on the results to make a pack of some size (5-10-12…?)

Everyone published will be given credit that ideally makes more players aware of their work (or Mods even)… I may even be able to make a ‘more info’ pop-up for any given map that has a banner and extra texture area. We’d internally talked about something similar before Formations burned 9 months :wink:


The more info mouse over pop-up sounds good if you’re unable to rework the UI. Ideally though, I think having a separate panel, not just the current pulldown menu, which shows the map title, author (e.g., “Relic”, “Gearbox”, “P5yNerGy”), player limit, and a brief description would be awesome.

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My suggestion is to name it “The Complete Strategist HW Guide”, which means that if you’ve played all maps in the collection, you have passed through all stages of features - small map, big map, few resources, abundant, 2P - 8P, etc.

Not necessarily to make a “top ten” list, but considering that, to make to the collection, a map has to fall into a category and you can play with it, like a certified map. In the beginning there will be a “traffic jam” of maps but, from time to time, a new pack is released. You can also create a filtering social system - before it gets to GBX for internal testing, it could be played by the community and have some endorsement. I’m saying this because some maps are around for a long time and the experienced players will expect to see them (in the collection) first.

In the end, the collection means “play these maps first”, because when you have a lot of maps, ppl will dislike playing the bad ones first (I know - “obviously”).

Sure, that could work too - absolutely!

You nuked my best map, this is a conspiracy! :smiley:

me? him? him? me?

Him, how would you nuke my map?
I’m pretty sure I posted it by clicking Reply to BitVenom’s post, but somehow the forum doesn’t think so…

As long as the thumbnail images in the map selector are immersed in how the original, developer maps are displayed. I’m not a fan of the tacky thumbnails that often show up on custom maps.

I feel like there’s a way to get your best map back, actually… Or, I guess the gameplay you were building, with a big spatial denial system…

If you saw the pictures we posted once about asteroid avoidance, you know that larger ships ‘merge’ lots of small things in to larger blocks in order to not fly through them. You should be able to make smaller (but still huge) chunks of megalith walls, limited to 8k - but class them as asteroid - if they are close to touching, larger ships won’t try to path between them. In their gaps you’d still have smaller ships moving - but that might actually be fine.


I remember you said that, but if I recall back then it was along the lines of “if I’ll do something, it might work one day”.
So it should work at this moment the way you describe it?

I think so. If you get a chunk of wall built that draws alone fine and is just below that 8k limit, send it to me, and I’ll do some tests for ya.

It would have to be a whole ring of walls for it to be relevant to me, but it’s a hopeful message. I’ll try it.

I think a tabbed interface, with screenshot on one tab, text description on another tab, etc. would be swell!

Also, I’ve made some maps. But they all require ‘crazy scripts’.

…except for the “Gehenna” map, which is basically just a re-work of the singleplayer campaign map of the same name, and thus doesn’t need the scripts as much.

I’d totally love some custom user made maps as long as they’re balanced and playable and don’t cause frame drops for some reason. Most user maps I know would’ve probably to be re-balanced though and Asteroid fields put further apart (old collision bug in some maps)

I’d be even interested in seeing some officially self made Gearbox maps. Could be a nice way for Gearbox to add a little stuff into game and Homeworld Universe without affecting the core game. For example a map playing around a newly created ship wreckage or a map with a huge capture able Taiidan Satellite in the center (DOK) providing cover fire on who ever controls it till it’s destruction etc…

Thx for your interest in the mapping community and the possibility in adding our work to your collection/game base. I have recently released a few new maps and although they are new to the community I think a few of them have promise. The OK Corral map I recreated for HWR was one of the most played multiplayer maps in the original HW1. I had to recreate it from memory and did the best I could. (been a while). recently I created a few maps under the “Hivemind” name, this was in honor of the first great swarm players. The Hivemind maps are quite small/simple with ample resources, I thought this would be good in the conditions we are now playing (post patch) where the corvettes and frigs actually have a place in the game again. I would sincerely appreciate any comments and or suggestions for changes or improvements that these maps need, they can be found here > and map pack 3 is in work now.

thx again

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How did I miss this thread?
Anyway, yes plz! This is so important, even though you can add the maps yourself to the game, it is not well spread in the mp, so making them part of the game is a great thing. Adios countless crimson and sarum games