Community Patch: Krieg edition

One thing I am curious about is if it’s possible to let LtF be registered as explosive melee damage, so that LtF gets the bonuses of his melee Skills as well. Same applies to Bloody Revival. Could it be tweaked into 1% per bloodlust-stack (at 5/5) for explosive weapons/damage? 1,5% would a be too much considering that some of the already strongest weapons in the game are explosive.

By doing all that Bloody Revival and Light the Fuse would even synergise with each other.

Krieg was designed as the “bad guy” to begin with, and each of his trees fit a dif type of bandit:
Bloodlust: Marauder with rifle gamestyle
Hellborn: Pyro Lunatic / Flamelauncher dudes
Mania: Badass Psycho Mutant.

So yes, you can go Hellborn without BXR (but i personnaly love melee igniting enemies lol).
Bloodlust is heavily oriented as a support to his action skill (Taste of Blood, Fuel the Blood, Blood Trance and Boiling Blood).
As for Mania, it is by definition the tree which makes him a monster at melee with risks for it.

Yes, Krieg self-hits himself when meleeing with Silence the Voices, but it is a skill which allows you to one-hit split in half most mobs in the game, and bosses in a couple more swings, so YES it needs drawbacks!

Apart from that, Krieg is what he is. A pscho. No crouching behind cover, no shield skills, no Axton vibes.
As an overall opinion, i think everyone needs to keep the idea of balance to skill trees and characters. The patches and hard work are not here to overpower all characters lmao.

Each char has its playstyle so it’s not like we should flatten them all to “dps boost, shield boost, hp boost”.

Also awesome work to Mr. Lord of Patches hands down :grin:

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It’s not a flaw to be able to build a character around using the action skill as little as possible. My two favorite characters in the franchise both shared this feature on top of being tanks that used explosive weapons.

Did it with Brick in Borderlands, very effectively so as a Tank-Blaster. He was an outstanding tank that had no problem with gun damage, so he rarely needed to use his action skill for emergency healing. Given he put away his gun to heal the action skill had a drawback, and that made it interesting in its own way.

Did it with Claptrap in TPS. His action skill was the equivalent of rolling dice, definitely a drawback, so Boomtrap-I Love You Guys! made for a build where the action skill was only ever used as an emergency heal.

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Yep. Mania is definitely a risk vs. reward tree. It might be possible to remove the percentage of hitting yourself while using StV, but I wouldn’t add it to the patch. It could probably be made as an option for those who want it though; I’m not overly familiar with what we can do yet because I haven’t had an opportunity to look at the code.

I agree to most of your suggestions
Especially Blood Twitch
At 5/5
When its not active you really feel the need for a swap speed skill
When it is active…its overkill
Changing it to 75% and making it a passive would be awesome

Id say dont remove the melee bonus(just halve it) on Blood Overdrive since
His 3 killskils do have a ‘trinity’ thing going
And it is fun to play that way rotating between all 3

Light the fuse I definitely want a buff to
Its such a fun skill

As for flame flare… Maybe add a bit of fire damage resistance(cus I dont think theres burn damage resistance)?

Also Elemental Empathy already heals for all DoTs

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but Blood Overdrive (it could be something else in the Bloodlust tree) could increase Krieg’s max ammo count for all weapons, or add ammo regeneration depending on Bloodlust Stacks. That would give him lots of synergy with all of his Fire Rate and Mag Size boosts (since one of Krieg’s biggest problems is ammo).

What do you guys think ?

I’ve never had a ammo problem on Krieg because I get lots of kills using Bloodsplosion, melee/axe throws, or the fire balls from the capstone skill on the hellborn tree (name escapes me).

I was talking about Hellborn Krieg, especially when playing Hellborn/Bloodlust. Of course, ammo isn’t a huge problem with Melee Krieg :slight_smile:

Btw, the fireballs : Raving Retribution. And this is just to keep yourself on fire and keep your stacks up. Doesn’t deal that much damage tbh.

Now if they slagged instead…:open_mouth:

That would be so damn overpowered :joy: !
But you loose the ability to stack Bloodlust and Elemental Elation, and heal through Elemental Empathy ^^

Yes Raving Retribution actually contributes a lot to Krieg’s survivability and dps(by stacking Elemental Elation)
Especially if youre not holding a elemental weapon

it deals a fair amount of damage as well
it can still kill regular mobs
Just not as strong against badass/bosses

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Idea for Pull the Pin: How about the grenade drops when you enter FFYL instead?

Way more useful and gives you the potential for say a slag bouncing betty that might help you get back up instead?

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thinking about it
no one mentioned anything about
bringing back Raving Retribution’s voice lines

and…the good news is that it is possible :slight_smile:

I think StV needs a trade-off, so removing the self-damaging would be too much. Lowering it to ~5-8% would be enough to make it better. Either that or removing the self-damaging altogether, but decreasing its bonuses too, which would go against Shadows intentions as he doesn’t want to nerf a character.

StV doesn’t need to be touched when it comes to the percentage, RNG is what it is. The only thing that irritates me with this skill is the fact that the self damage is way too much, especially when Fuel the Blood is active.

Sure, the damage is it’s main problem, but as I remember it (correct me, if I’m wrong), the StV-damage is linked to the base-damage of kriegs melee-attacks, so we would need to lower his damage-output in order to lower the self-damage. That would hurt Krieg more than the reduced self-damage would help.

Melee damage bonuses don’t affect Krieg’s StV self-damage. The only thing that really matter when it comes to StV is that the Rough Rider decreases the self-damage, and FtB increases the self-damage since it counts like grenade-type damage.

@the_Nocturni did some testing about it, here are his results :

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O thanks for the info. So basically all we need is a change of damage-type for the self-damage. The question is: What kind of damage does Krieg not increase?

I believe just lowering the damage to how it is at level 72 - since your health doesn’t scale through OP levels - is enough. It’ll make StV way better. But leaving it untouched is not a big deal imo.

It would even be enough to soften up the scaling of the self-damaging attack, because Kriegs hp may stay the same, but hp-bonuses of equipment do not. But yeah, StV would be fine, even if nothing changes. It is a great skill nonetheless.

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