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If you don’t utilize /v/ as a public discussion board, and defend this game when it gets ■■■■ on there - you’re not helping. It’s the most prominent spot on the internet that affects a games success. People can harbor malicious and cruel thoughts and say awful things to you there, so I understand wanting to stay in a community forum that caters to your interest, but its just words and memes - and no new players are going to play if your love and discussion are trapped in a forum that isn’t public.

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Are you saying gearbox should acknowledge the existence of /v/ ?

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I don’t even know what /v/ is


I think it’s the video games board on 4chan. Not worth acknowledging tbh.


Oh yeah I don’t speak for gearbox but I don’t think many official channels of anything want to be involved with 4chan.

I’ve used /v/ for 7 years, its gone down the drain recently and has been flooded with kiddies who think that hivemind-hating something is funny - and marketers/anti-marketers/bloggers/journalists that use its reputation to manipulate the flow of information around a game or subject matter. All the ‘going f2p / it flopped’ articles that made their round started on /v/. All the public discussion that could affect the popularity of the game has taken place there and its become a circlejerk.

Making discussion on /v/ out to be what decides a game’s fate is amusing. The world is bigger than a message board on a dying website.


There is no more important place on the internet for the discussion of video games as a whole. Anonymity, and the lack of needing an account, means that people from across the world can easily access it and gain unfiltered - unbiased opinions. /v/ has sank and boomed the popularity of games since its inception, only more recently its fallen victim to being targeted because of its reputation. You’re allowed to deny it, but you’re wrong.

To be fair, /v/ already hates Gearbox with a passion. Its an endless torrent of blaming Randy Pitchford for Colonial Marines/DNF, and Anthony Burch as the cancerous blight infesting storytelling narratives in gaming.

There’s not much to sway /v/'s hivemind on anything.

Just a reminder to everyone to follow our simple Forum Rules.

This is a public forum. Anyone can post here.


Yeah, no, I think most companies and developers generally prefer to stay well away from 4chan. It isn’t nearly as large or important as you make it out to be, and while I’ll accept that there isn’t a hint of professionalism in video game journalism, /v/ isn’t any better. Frankly, it’s a heck of a lot worse. No big articles are “born” there as you seem to think, it’s just a little niche for people who are scared of being public on the internet and want to be anonymous.


GBX already has a presence on Reddit and here. I don’t see why they should bother with a site that has the reputation of being a site for people on the fringes of society. In other words, 4chan is like Vegas: what happens there stays there.


Being on the fringes of society does make them closer to what “geeks and nerds” were suppose to be.

I don’t think they are supposed to be on the fringes but just be passionate about what they love. If they were at one point on the fringes, I don’t think that was better, I think its better now that its more accepted.


Technically, “geeks and nerds” aren’t supposed to be anything.

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Kinda the point there, geeks and nerds don’t mean anything now. Now that the hobbies have become socially acceptable. Some people even use the words like a badge of honor.

But I still remember when it was once a derogatory label for social outcasts.

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That’s a good thing, its called progress.

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Nah, we just use new words now, man-child, basement dweller, fedora wearer…