Community reminding community reminder

Man I haven’t even heard anything mentioned about 4chan in years. I think it’s been over 5 years since I last met anyone who used it.

Haha, oh how time flies.

The biggest hub that place is of anything is “creepy” to me lmao.

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Thou shalt not hate on the fedora! Fedoras are CLASSY!

I’m not even sure how fedoras became synonymous with “Loser” myself.

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Davis Aurini. That’s how.

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I’m not sure trying to post positivity into a place that sounds like it has already made up its own mind on something is going to benefit anyone. If anything, the poster would probably just get attacked (or worse) get all their accounts hacked and publicly shamed in whatever means is available to the people who disagree with their views.

I would like Battleborn to be a little more (positively) well known too, but like everyone else, I am kind of stumped on how to do that. The best most of us can really do is continue to support the game and each other until something big happens or a streamer with a substantial pull in the gaming community picks up the game and falls in love with it.

I know Kotaku definitely has a few fans, but that’s Kotaku and they are also known for their big leaks and such :confused: