Comon gearbox why you gotta pull this garbage. It’s funny for a few missions but like every fuggin mission just painting men in a bad light? Jeezuz

Okay love the game and gameplay and it’s super fun but holy ■■■■ gearbox, we get it, you hate men lmfao

Which missions?

No idea what you’re talking about…

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Yeah, I must have missed it too

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What I find funny (and not funny ha ha) is this rather sweeping claim with no examples. I dare say that you’re either a troll or a bit too sensitive about how you believe the game portrays men. I’d love to read some examples so we could have a discussion, but I don’t expect you to provide any ones that prove your statement. I will issue an apology should you prove me wrong.

yeah, men are bad, which is why Roland is one of the most respected characters in the series, and why many people love axton, sal, Brick, mordecai, Zed, Scooter, and Marcus

And Krieg!

forgot him, but I wasn’t sure how many people liked him compared to everyone else. But bottom line, is that the only one who is seeing men in a bad light is you op. because marcus has always been greedy, since day 1

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There are other threads discussing how fragile masculinity can be already.

One is plenty.