Comp PvP fixes, my suggestions

So first off, I enjoy this game very much despite its flaws. However, we all agree it’s broken.
My thoughts on ways to improve comp PvP.

  1. Punishment for early dropping, starting Incursion 4 v 5 or worse is rediculous and usually ends in surrender out of frustration. If you’re in comp mode, you should be paying attention and playing.
    Want to screw around, go to casual.

  2. Don’t show command rank, people who don’t read the battle plans still believe command rank correlates to skill level, which usually leads to early drops.
    With that in mind, assign skill level some value.
    Other games have done it for years now

  3. Scoring changes, these are objective games and although kills are important they are usually not the priority. Support players getting shafted because they are healing, shielding, building, wrecking minions, etc should be rewarded not punished.

Example in incursion one group of shield busting minions and a thrall or 2 will wreck a sentry if no one is there because they are chasing kills.

  1. Offer all maps, not just the popular ones, and randomize for 2 choices instead of 3 to force players into playing the different modes. Incursion overgrowth is getting boring.

Lastly, not really a fix but request
5. Considering matches take upwards of half an hour, a few more credits would be nice. I know there is already a credit boost, but a little more would still be nice :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m aware of typos lol
Phone acting up, will fix later :smile:

They’ve already said they weren’t going to hide people’s Command Ranks, but some sort of MMR being displayed would be nice.

Also, they’re scrapping the current way you select maps in multiplayer. Too many people have been complaining about the new one.

Yes, that would indeed be nice.

Excellent, thx for the info

You can always edit your post instead of making a new post.

My understanding is they’re going to implement a system for reporting and/or punishing leavers, afkers, etc.

They’ve said they plan to keep showing command rank and personally I don’t mind. Even if you don’t read the battleplans it should be pretty clear after only a short time playing that Command Rank can only go up. It’s not an indicator of skill, just time spent playing the game. I’m Command Rank 100 but not some super awesome player, pretty average at best.

Support players do get rewarded for assists, etc but I agree that it can be a lot harder to lvl up as a support than as someone playing pure damage. I find when I’m playing Reyna leveling up is a lot harder than when I’m playing someone like Oscar Mike. Part of the issue is Reyna has no AOE so she can’t get minion xp like an OM or Thorn. Anyway, we could get into the nitty-gritty but I do think it would be nice if supports could level up a bit easier. Though how exactly to go about that I’m not 100% sure. Oh wait, you’re talking about the score at the end of the game? Yeah, I don’t care for it much myself. I know it only really matters if there is a tie but it is annoying to see a low “score” if I’m playing assist even though I was a huge asset to my team.

I think the credit gain is alright personally.