Compactor map highest peak?

I love this map and wish there was a really high vantage point or even a bird eye view looking down on the map. Any suggestions?

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The place you first enter is pretty high up there. But you can’t really see the town from there.

It would be nice if all areas had a place where you mantle up to ridiculous heights just for the giggles.

I was trying to get up on to the wall near the first gate. It looked like you should be able to get up there. I didn’t get as far as grenade jumping because I wanted to get on with the story. Might be worth a shot though?

I love this sort of thing - let me see what I can find.

Have you seen how high you can get the camera in photo mode?

Its only an extra 10 or so feet, any ideas for rocket jumping?

I just find the whole map fascinating. Gives me a Caustic Caverns feel but expect with people and robot inhabitants

Yeah, it’s one of my favorites… has a fantastic BL1 vibe too (including the music once you get out of downtown).

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Hyperion Waste Dump - my second favourite spot for shooting CL4P-TP units. A bit mine-crafty too, with all those nice regular blocks.

there’s a location at the end of the area where you steal the constructor eye, it has a decent vantage point, not the best but decent, you can see a good chunk of the map from there. Tony something or other’s LLC area.

then there would probably be a decent spot near The Beam, if you want to get a distant shot of the town. other than that, the area you start in is probably the “highest” location technically.

just off hand, not completely sure but I don’t think there are many other high vantage points in the area.

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