Companion app! Please!

Can we please get a companion app for battleborn!!?

Something that enables us to create gear load outs, check our stats, meta information, progress, news updates and patch notes, open and buy loot packs…the list goes on.

If this is in the incrorect category please let me know, support if you agree!!

Love the game! Keep up the great work GBX!! Can’t wait to see all the cool and witty skag poop you come up with next!

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I’d love something like this. It would be cool if we could just look at and share match history using a system like that too.

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Yeah match history would be an added bonus as well, including your objective success rate and other game stats that would be helpful in tracking how you do objectively.

Nice to see explanations of each map and game type so you can focus on increasing your aid in matches!

@Jythri , is this something you guys would consider doing for the community? :slight_smile:

I would personally love that app. It’s something we’ve considered, and might still consider for the future. We have a few other priorities right now. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Good to hear and nice to see you guys responding to us! Keep us posted! :dukecheese: