Company Man Builds (the skill not the gun)

Ok so I tried google and youtube for hyperion loyalist builds to help me get my Company Man Jack build going. So I would like to see some good company man builds to get an idea of what I am going for. I am thinking 1 torgue gun for the exp and an ice taser because I don’t want to do the Jacobs Shotgun builds like I see everywhere. I do that in BL2 with Gaige. I like it better with her, it isn’t what I want here.

Here’s what I use for Hyperion Jack

But this is also my smash everything with a Deadly Bloom build since we are so limited when it comes to Hyperion shields.
I use his Holodome mod

Along with a cryo T4s-R, Fatal, Excalibastard, Omni-Cannon, Quasar, 3DD1.E, and the above mentioned Bloom.

Leadership and dieing Jack’s keep Absolute Advantage going for that sweet 80% free ammo chance

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