Company Man on Console

For the people who play on Xbox/Ps4 , does anyone have dropped Company man with 3 rolls - i’ve been killing Hemo maybe 50 times i’ve never seen one so i’m wondering if it’s a bug or really low Drop rate , i know the CM can get 3 rolls

Yes, it can drop with three.
Just as side question, are you playing in english or other language? In different versions the third roll may be not visible on item card, but is still there.

Thanks , i play on French version , so maybe this is why i can’t see the third roll , i really hope this is not a thing and will get patch …

Now you must thinking of how many great rolled CM you didn’t even bother to pick :smiley:

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Yeah i just think about that , thanks for reminds me what i lost :grin:

Wait… What thing is that?

Confirmed ! on my version it’s bug , only see 1 or 2 roll max …