Comparable Damage on Sincero Amigo?

So, since I’ve got some more grinding and farming to do, can anyone tell me how the base damage on the Sincero Amigo compares to other Jackob’s sniper rifles? My first assumption is that because it’s a legendary, it’s damage would be higher than a purple Jackobs sniper with the same parts.

Follow up, how does it compare to the Hawk Eye, assuming both are hitting crits and you’re not trying to bypass a shield?

The Sincero Amigo is the hardest hitting Jakobs sniper per shot, surpassing even the Skullmasher and Elephant Gun. At lvl80, it has about 2.3mill base damage, while a Muckamuck has about 1.4mill base damage. It would also beat the Hawkeye unless you are wearing a Bee shield. The new fire elemental Jakobs sniper (Hot Mama I believe) can surpass it with a BotA on flesh enemies though.

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