Comparing BB to ME:A plus a few obvious mentions

First, I am posting this because this forum needs life.
Second, I’m very afraid to mention the obvious because Gbox has a trend of censorship.
Keeping fingers crossed because I am a fan and do not mean any ill will or intention.

Battleborn gets compared to another game a lot. One I do not have.
Battleborn however is a game I have several copies of and I’m a fan.

I have however always been critical of the Live connection.
That and the move from a Save file and a Profile file.
I do know Gbox has fought to keep their tweaked Unreal Engine game pure.

This is the first thing I compare between in my own use of Battleborn and Mass Effect: Adromeda.
In both games I play the Story, I chose to play Story modes and that’s what I enjoy.

Without a live conneciton BB doesn’t exist.
You can’t even get past the main screen. This is horrible.

ME:A gives me a choice. Play online, or not, Log in, or not.
I like those choices. BL2 has a system that I also like.

Now onto other comparisons.
Time in the game.
I for the most part like the way time is spent in BB Story and DLC.
Being capped to an hour became apparent as for purpose after the Amazon shafu.
OK, I get it, Gbox pays per slot so we are capped at a hour.
That’s not fair thought, I would have paid the extra to have 2 hours per mission. Let me pay.

In ME:A you feel like everything is a lot of time.
The game lets you take as much time as you want.
Heck you can extend the time in missions by building onto them.

One thing about time in both games, even though BB limits me like ti does I feel like the time is well spent.
In ME:A I get the feeling of moooooore time being spent.
What I mean is, the missions seem to take more time than anticipated.

I am enjoying both games, play one, then the other.
Both games are their own, truly a comparison isn’t fair, but the connections and time are fair discussion.

I would pay to have Battleborn become an offline game like BL2.
My obvious doubt looking forward is that BB will one day simply be a login screen with no connection.


Question: Does progress in ME:A story carry over or have any affect in on-line play?

Because in BB it does, which is why keeping the story mode saves as tamper-free as possible is so important. And that, in turn, influences whether or not an off-line mode is feasible. This is an issue all game developers face when putting together any game with a competitive element.

I think ME:A is the worst game in the series, and by a WIDE margin… Battleborn FTW. The dialog is funnier, and doesn’t make me want to headdesk.

…I believe so, there are MP peeps on Youtube that have shown how to get Gold with your character using Story.

Aww Handsome, I like the Story mode in ME:A, having a lot of fun and it is very deep with multi directions.