Comparing Lilith's Skills: X vs. Y

Diva vs. Striking

Striking can be really good but it has limitations. If you’re underleveled or not in a position to get into close range, it won’t be as useful. Diva is always good.

Inner Glow vs. Dramatic Entrance

Healing a large chunk of your health during Phasewalk is great for survivability but weakening one enemy after Phasewalk is situational.

Hard to Get vs. Girl Power

Hard to Get lets you Phasewalk nearly twice as often. But Girl Power restores a nice chunk of your shield on every kill. Hard to Get is better if you have several skills related to Phasewalk, but Girlpower might be better if you don’t.

Quicksilver vs. Spark

Both are good but only marginally so. Quicksilver, because it defeats enemies quicker.

Resilience vs. Radiance

Both seem mediocre. Radiance for 1st playthru, but if it doesn’t scale well, then Resilience.

Venom vs. Intuition

Intuition’s speed boost is much bigger than Venom’s melee boost.

Slayer vs. Silent Resolve

Slayer does a lot of damage if you’re good at aiming. Silent Resolve is amazing once you get Blackout or Hard to Get but isn’t as good until then.

Enforcer vs. Hit & Run

Enforcer gives a quite small boost situationally. Hit & Run wins for Phasewalk duration boost alone.

High Velocity vs. Blackout

Blackout for Phasewalk builds. High Velocity for SMG/Elemental builds.