Comparing Stats and replay viewing

Is there anywhere that we can get a complete listing of the stats/abilities for ships in the new Remastered version? Maybe that exists somewhere and I just haven’t been able to find it. Right now it’s hard to judge how good a ship is compared to another ship because the only stats out there I can find are from HW1 or HW2 guides, which may be completely inaccurate now.

Another thing that would really help would be an ability to watch replays of matches. When I get rolled by a HW2 faction, is it because they just outplayed me or they have an imbalanced resource economy? I can’t tell without seeing what they did!

I know that might be hard to add at this stage, but it would be incredibly helpful.


I don’t care so much about stats, but I think replays are a must.

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Yes please stats info and replays

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Yeah. Replays… proper replays. The you will eventually get ppl post stuff on youtube, and get more popularity of the game.

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