Compatibility Pack Loop Problem

Okay so I have had the same 360 since launch & it got red ring prior to that I never encountered any compatibility pack issues, I recently got a brand new 360 Slim & I was playing BL1 for the past month getting all the achievements I needed I downloaded all the DLC for BL2 then the compatibility pack & it didnt work, so I did the looked it up on YouTube & seen that I needed to delete the Pack & re downloaded it… tried it almost 7 times & no luck so I checked google which I found this( & that was the exact same as what the Videos told me, So praying to god this would work I backed up all my saves then factory reset my 360 then spent a night downloading all the DLC & compatibility pack(compatibility pack first), also between the “Loops” I rest the cache… So I am stumped after almost 3 days of trying to get my favorite game in the whole world that i’ve put countless hours in to work I nor the Internet have any ideas.

Edit: My friend thought it could be the download from my account or xbox so I went on my brother’s xbox & downloaded it with his account & xbox, put it on my xbox… no luck.

Hope someone can help & Thank you,

I’ve had the same problem when putting BL2 on a new XBox.

Question: did you own BL2 on the old XBox as well? If so, you’ll need to do a licence transfer (menu option in your account settings) before doing the downloads.

Here’s what I did:

  • Delete any and all compatibility packs
  • Clear the system cache
  • Restart your XBox
  • Perform the licence transfer
  • Go to your Downloads History and re-download the season pass, DLC, etc.
    • Shouldn’t take long if they’re still on the disk; should just “refresh” them
  • Launch game
    • Download the title update
    • Download the C.Pack
  • Quit game and re-launch
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Why yes all the DLC was owned on my last Xbox.

I got the pack working with no dlc the first time it download(after installing the game & without DLC) but when I went back on later today it asked me to download it again. I didn’t install anything. :confused:

Make sure you completely quit the game and restart; that seems to be the only way to convince the game that you’ve completed the download of the CP.

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