Compatibility Pack Loop - tried the standard solution several times

We have two xbox’s, two xbox live accounts, and two copies of the game and all DLC that we paid for. We are stuck in the download the compatibility pack loop. I’ve tried restarting, clearing the cache and deleting the old compatibility packs several times now and it still doesn’t work. We can’t access DLC characters on local play even, and I bought two copies so I could play it with my son. We are unable to resolve this. Any help would be great.

Have you tried deleting ALL of the packs? Thats what I did.

yes. There was only one anyway.

That ain’t right.

My thoughts exactly. I’ve got a ticket in with Gearbox, but I was hoping others had already had this issue and solved it.

Nope, I had multiple update packs so I deleted them all and solved the issue.

RESOLVED: I had a digital copy of the game and had to delete EVERYTHING, clear the cache and download the game, compatibility pack and DLC. It works now.

Interesting, glad it worked though. I think 360 version of BL2 was codded very badly.