Compatibility Pack will not download/install correctly

I have Borderlands 2 GotY edition for XB360. It will not properly download/install the Compatibility Pack. When I select download, it says I already have it, but BL2 keeps telling me to download it to play online. So I select “Download Again” and then it starts at 1%, it then goes to 5% like its working, then it quickly jumps to 99%, like way too fast for a 500Mb download. Then it notifies me its installed. But BL2 never seems to agree and it tells me to download it again. This goes on over and over again. How do I fix this? I dont know how to check for file integrity or how to even delete it.

Try the solution found in this link

Just follow the steps. It worked for me when I had this issue as well.

THANK YOU! that worked, im gaming online

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Fantastic! Happy looting, vault hunter.

The standard solution that seems to work for everyone else does not work for me or my son. We are both in the eternal download the Compatibility Pack loop and no amount of restarting, clearing the cache and deleting all the previous compatibility packs are doing anything for us. Our DLC can’t even be played in local games. We both paid for DLC and copies of the game.

I’m having problems with it I did everything the thing said and it still doesn’t work please help me

it still doesent work