Compatible Grenade Mods with Vampyr

This is really sad that a topic needs to even be made about this but clearly the Vampyr skill is not working as defined. So I was hoping to generate a list of Grenade Mods that will actually trigger the Vampyr skill.

Quasar and Tran-Fusion Longbow DO NOT work at all.


Over here we’re discussing this as best we can


I have been struggling with this myself, to find a good grenade to proc Vampyr.

I have tried Ghast Call (I have the basic version) and it seems to work ok. Its better when you are under the influence of terror because the grenade will then spawn more skulls. But the problem with that is to have some gear that gives you terror after skill end, which is tedious because of how the action skill works.

I have tried the purple Torgue Clusterf*uck grenade. Mine spawns 6 mirvs on impact which each then spawns 3 more mirvs, for a total number of 25 explosions (1 on impact, then 6 mirvs, then 18 mirvs). It seems to work better than the Ghast Call, but still not all that great. At least you dont have to jump in and out of Iron Bear every time to get the full effect. BUT it causes major frame drops for me :frowning:

I just got the Tracker (cloning, 3 mirv, 30% heal) from a vending machine. I have not tried it yet, but people seem to like it so I will give it a try.

The Surge, has too much spread on the explosions for my liking. But maybe I need to test it some more to get the hang of it.
Tiny Tinas Hopper, I find, has too few explosions .

Quasar, Storm Front, Hex does not work with Vampyr.

I wish Moze just gets a rework on her skills so we can have som healing in all her skill trees. I would like to go down BM and SoR and still be able to heal myself, without having a synergi with Transformer shield and shock.

Any tips on BM and SoR builds with good sustainability would be very, very appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


If you want it mostly for healing, singularities are best.

Skip to the last 15 seconds for proof that five enemies is a full heal

I’m getting best results with whispering ice on mobs

On single targets any homing mirv.

Multiple targets works best … More targets hit from a single explosion the greater the healing and this is where whispering ice excels on mobs … But do throw two together … It counteracts the rag dolling

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So has gearbox still not even said anything about fixin moze? Ive literally not even turned the pos game on since then


Yeah I went an entire week not playing but now I’m using the BM and SOR trees instead of BM and DW.
This allows me to continue to use the Quasar mod but not reply on healing. I think, for now, it is the best for me using the high shield and low health.

Its just absolutely rediculous at this point, i try to use the ogre in the slaughter dome but when your skills dont work and i have to reload i run out of ammo during a round. Just a joke

Remember regen is with splash damage so shoot their feet

Also since Monday this week I’m starting to get better damage from hex grenades like of old same healing … But less regen than before …

I definitely think this is still linked to the fear effect from the event

Any damage dealt with a “splash weapon” counts as splash damage you do not need to shoot at feet.

I have noticed that MOD procs better when shooting at their feet since the last patch. Shouldn’t be that way, but it is how things are behaving right now. No actual proof, just what I’ve noticed.

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Could very well be. I wouldn’t be too surprised.

Noticed the same

Wait, you guys actually stay in the robot? Get out and let it auto turret :sunglasses:. Just teasing, but it’s what I actually do for bosses.

theoretically the best grenade mod for vampyr post patch would be a purple homing+bouncy+cloning+mirv mod, but i havnt seen anything close to that yet xD

right now what i find to be working well are epicenter, tina’s hippity hopper and moxxi’s bouncing bo… i mean pair

And of course going through slaughter shaft last night I went a whole 3 rounds with the Ogre and Devastator and didn’t regen a single grenade. Restarted and it worked fine. Something is definitely broken.

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Epicenter procs Vampyr. keep it on the DL though or gearbox might need to “Fix” that one too


I’ve been having good results with these:

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That cloning maddening tracker looks sick for vampire.


yeah it’s great, the damage is good too with blast master com. which makes me believe even more that their bug fix that broke granades for moze is a bigazz lie from their part. because blast master increase splash damage, granades still benefit from the damage increase so it’s still splash damage according to the game. but it does not trigger MoD. it’s a intended change, a nerf that they blame on a bug fix.