Competitive a lil too toxic?

I don’t use the forums much. I kinda just lurk. I’m a JPN player but recently moved to USA. I came to the forums just for this post alone.

I was playing with a friend of mine that picked up the game and she ended up loving it a lot. So much in fact that she wanted to watch the streams when she wasn’t playing (like TheSaverok or luckmod if that’s thier name and they usually tend to play with the same individuals). Unfortunately her love for the game was short lived due to the community itself. I never really paid much attention to the community spotlight but I might now seeing as those players need a lot more recognition than those that just get salty when they are behind on score, taunt after every kill or call people out of their names for picking different helix choices (really?) or certain characters because the feel that they are better with them. I believe she put the game down for good when some pretty apparently “well known” deande player just kept trash talking her albeit she was really good for a new player. (Went 9-2 or something)

Like yea, I’m sure someone could have the audacity to say something like “best thorn/deande etc” if the community was even big enough to even validate such claims. I’m not going to sit and rant on about this for long but it wouldn’t hurt being a little less of an ass to the newer players trying to learn the game or find people that enjoy the game as much as they do.

The community is already small enough, I don’t think Battleborn can afford to lose any more of its 70ish daily console users. It would be nice to see more streams that promote the game in better ways like there used to be.


I have not found there to be anyone too harsh ( I play on XBOX). I am very new to the game even though I have had it since launch. I have good games and bad games same as many others. I do find that the level of competition is…daunting and have been steam rolled by many a well put together team.

I bet this well known Deande player was @Nemosis327 :smirk:

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@lolattheseforums is one of those toxic players on stream who likes to trash talk the newbies. I tried fixing him…

We’re not all like him though, most of us are nice! I swear!

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@Rabid_Explosions is one of those players who beat up on newbies then send hate mail to them. I tried telling him it was wrong but then he called me a sh*t noob and deleted and blocked me.

Watch out for him people!


I can’t tell if you’re trash-talking my stream or not. Hopefully you aren’t since it should be obvious, I share my party audio and don’t control anybody but myself. If someone gets that butt hurt over harmless trash talking in a game they shouldn’t be playing video games. You’re not contributing anything positive by trash-talking the competitive community, Battleborn is one of the best game communities out there.

But we’re also such a small community that any toxic elements seem much larger


very true but posts like these are full of blind hypocrisy, trash talking the competitive scene because someone can’t handle some harmless trash talk. People need to calm down and support the game and stop crying over nothing-its a video game! Almost No one (mostly) is attacking you personally when they kill you in game. wake up and enjoy the game. and also check out my stream

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I’ll tentatively agree with this, but our community does still do things to inexperienced players that I’m not surprised they decide it isn’t their cup of tea. You can ask @FlamesForAll how honest I keep any parties I’m in because even if matchmaking is broken enough to pair levels <20 up against all >100 that doesn’t excuse how we deal with it. If we draw out the match to get kills for a little while longer that’s just taking advantage of a new player. @thesarevokstream I’m not trying to accuse you personally of this but in the time I’ve played I’ve seen A LOT of people do this and I’m just thankful they’re respectful of my abhorrence about that.(especially today it showed so for the group I was with today I’m humbled)

The fact that we’re a small community means we HAVE to act to a higher standard lest we drive away new players. If you wish to play the comparison to other communities I’d like to point out that we DON’T have surplus players in battleborn.

This is not meant as an attack on any one person
@moderators I will edit this if it becomes an issue please PM me

but our answers to this issue a new person raised(while I think they personally are being overly sensitive myself) are so inclusive to people who may be new to pvp online games(shocker! this was the first game I went into online pvp with)

Seriously how hypocritical are we as a community that we’re talking about how great the battleborn community is while telling noobs how they’re just whining about trash talking when they complain.

If we as a community don’t preform an cranial rectosis I bet you we are going to keep losing players. Not because of servers, not because of balance, because of us and how we act to new players.

Edit: @lemonheadjake I’ve noticed you liking many of my more critical comments lately, am I making a decent response or am I completely off base?


Your points are valid loving-hatred. At the same time, part of the problem with the community is biased posts like these putting random people on fleek with unbased and ill-informed claims. I never taunt new players. I don’t always play with the “same individuals”. I’ve played the game since beta, when i was a new player and grouped with tons of different players wit different skill levels, including new players/viewers in my stream. If we notice the enemy team is full of low levels, my 5 mans groups often will back out in order NOT to pub stomp them intentionally. At the same time- why should new players be babied? Why should they be treated any differently than anyone else? That doesn’t help them get better. I know I wouldn’t want to be treated like a baby newb as a new player. Again, harmless trash talk is not toxic, some would argue its good for the game. Also its part of video games, if you take it the wrong way that’s completely your problem. If you can’t handle it, then you shouldn’t be playing any pvp games period. If Nemosis’s sick deande talks poop to you, take it as a compliment that you’re riling up a good player. or how about if it bothers you so much don’t listen to the people or streams that are upsetting you. It has everything to do with people being too sensitive. complaining about people being salty for losing or getting into the game is like complaining about humans being humans, gamers being gamers, its completely silly. I feel like I could type an essay about this so I’ll just stop here. Check out more of my rants about BabyRage on

I dunno. lets find out shall we?


Okay fam. ya boi nemo’s just got a few real simple questions for you. I’ve got a pretty good handle on who plays Deande and to what degree so let’s have a little look see.

First and most importantly! was this toxic player me? it doesn’t sound like me, and I highly doubt it is, but just to cover all bases i should probably start here. If it was me we can cross that bridge when we get there.

2 - if not me do you know the person’s name?

Next. what platform? Im guessing it’s ps4 but unless im blind you didnt state the platform in your OP.

also. how long ago was this?

5 - what was your friend’s PSN (steam, XBL) name?

lastly for now. if you don’t want to answer any of that publicly would you be willing to do it in privet message?

So from that I should be able to really narrow things down. I really hope it was not me that drove this player away as I usually make efforts not to give new players a hard time. among which include frequent solo gueueing, never returning taunts to new players, or picking non-Deande characters if am against low levels. On top of that I have been known to grab random low level players and show them the ropes for a few hours. I don’t start hate mail (unless it’s intended for a joke as @EdenSophia will attest if she is even still around).

However! I do get salty. and I do call out “scrub” helix choices among my group of friends that often have some less than desirable comments attached to them. Now I do this in private, and for a laugh among my friends. But I often do this when people are streaming in my party as well without even noticing it or remembering that anyone can hear my comments. So quite possibly I could have do that and driven your friend away. anyway, do let me know fam. I will get to the bottom of this Deande related topic.


Just like any other game within its pvp environment, there will be always be people that patronize less experienced players. This shouldn’t shock anyone that’s familiar with the internet. Newcomers just need to learn to stop caring what anyone else says/think. Keep enjoying the game without placing importance at the trolling, insults and any other negative action done by others.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, be glad the community is low on number. Whatever negative experience you go though right now, would be worse and more often with higher population.


LOL I love that little mention to your stream at the end

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I could write books on this same topic but I don’t agree with you, Video games and human nature are completely different topics in relations to this.

And after re reading the original post it seems like they were actually saying guys/girls like you need more recognition because you play straight(which by the way I tip my hat to you for that)


I would just like to commend you for being open in your response to this post, instead of just dismissing them. It’s nice to see someone willing to work out the issue and not just giving a blanket statement.


Private, it bugged me so much
But overall the efforts you are trying to go to are amazing @Nemosis327


I could totally be wrong and hopefully I am, but i think they were making assumptions about my stream and other people i play with, and saying people in the community spotlight need more attention. Despite having streamed the game since beta, i don’t believe ive ever been on that, whatever it is (correct me if im wrong). “video games and human nature are completely different topics”? wait what? no way, the best and worst of human natures come out of people in video games, including myself, definitely not true - have you ever been in a twitch chat?

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changed that for ya m8 :wink:


the poster literally mentioned people getting salty for losing as a problem … comon dude

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Human nature doesn’t show when there aren’t stakes on the table, let me give an example
I was stationed on a ship, I’ve been firefighting detail, security detail and a first responder during triage situations. I’ve responded to fires and injuries(not triage levels thankfully) so I WILL NOT let someone go without aid in real life nor will I leave my “team or squad” a man down

But in game, I don’t care one bit. I use my allies as pawns quite often. And if life comes up it comes up and I’m out.

And I stand corrected on the other bit