Competitive Battleborn Team Stunlock tryouts

I’m having tryouts right now for a PS4 team. We are looking for 4 more NA players (2 main roster, 2 backup) who know several Battleborn that can fill the role of brawler/assassin and (separate player) lane pusher. If you are able to commit 4 hours a day in the afternoon for practice sometime after 5 PM Central time and you think you can bring communication, skill, and high morale to a competitive team then send me a message through here or on PSN. My PSNid is s1lv3r4554551n.

looking for a good team/players that are free to play whenever. I main oscar mike, el dragon and rath. overall player kills: 169 deaths: 55 best game: 31-0. my PSN: Semkage

My team still has 2 more spots available to anyone who wishes to try out for them. My PSNid is s1lv3r4554551n

Hi im at work right now but when i get off Ill be free to try out. I main orendi and whisky.

Do you live in North America?

yes sir. I live in MD. I work at 1130pm so the 4 hours works perfecly if we start at 5pm cent.

PSNid? Are you going to add me or should I add you?

Prolly add me since im having issues with psn app.

It’s jks4891, right?

no thats just my name on here on psn its Darkjohn333

I’ll get on that tomorrow when I get home.

okay. i can always send a friend request if i get home before ya. I get off in 5ish hours

Could I just join the tryout for fun? :slight_smile:

Psn: Pureray- | Timezone: Pst | Mains: Everyone that isn’t melee | Race: Mexican | Age: Mid 20’s

So you’re saying even if I wanted you on my team you wouldn’t want to be? I have enough on my plate trying to communicate to over a dozen players coordinating times to play with them. I’m taking this very seriously because I want competitive Battleborn on PS4 to take off. I don’t think that what you’re proposing would be a wise use of my time. I’ll add you and you’re welcome to join me if I have a spot available in my party but if you don’t want a real part in this then I won’t waste my time.

We still need 3 spots filled ASAP. I’d like to start participating in tournaments soon.

Looking for 2 more people. Please message me if you are interested.