Competitive Content (maybe as DLCs)

I would REALLY like to see some competitive game-contents in B3… they could be made as DLCs… just for the players who want to play competitive.

I would like to see some features for a competitive way. For example, a PvP-DLC would be great. Collect badges to get legendary PvP weapons and armor. There we are already at the point “armor”: skins are very nice, but why can’t these skins show stats. This results in completely new dimensions. Own “skins” with set bonus especially for PvE or PvP … combined with certain weapons, which also have various PvE or PvP stats.

Furthermore, there should be a kind of MMO-DLC. A map area where you can meet other players and compete with them for various raids, bunkers (dungeons) or duels. Raids should not just be a “run from A to B and kill the boss”, but should be made a little more sophisticated … here you could orient yourself a bit to Destiny 2… in D2, bungie did a really great job.

In other words, if there is no Borderlands MMO, then some competitive content should be optionally provided.

And… I would be really happy, if B3 would have a few areas from B1… in the same, old style, we all love.

… and we need in-game achievements with rewards! :wink:

Not only that, but also the bug that essentially erased your character.

I may be the outlier here, but I wouldn’t mind PvP in Borderlands If it wouldn’t affect the Singleplayer. So, If PvP content was to be standalone and balanced Like If it was its own entity, then yeah, go for it.
The problem is just that it is hard to do PvP with abilities designed for PvE.

Content like capture the flag or PvEvP modes could be fun, but all of that just isn’t what Borderlands is known for. And that goes double for an MMO.

@ the OP you’re a little bit late to the party - Gearbox usually requests the Community’s ideas, desires, etc for future releases two to three years before planned release dates so they can seriously consider building our desires within their time limits for a typical development cycle. They did this for BL3 as you can cross-reference some years ago.

MMO, achievements w/rewards, competitive gameplay, et al, were all requested & discussed way back then by a small minority of players and were pretty much voted down by the Community as usual. I doubt we’ll see any of these things included in future BL series games developed by Gearbox. They’ve done other games as MMO’s et al and if you search the site you’ll find what you’re looking for. Happy gaming :upside_down_face:

No thanks. Let borderlands be borderlands. It doesn’t need pvp or mmo to be shoehorned in. If they try and please everyone, they will please no one (See: fallout 76).

I’m am one fan that is excited for BL3 precisely because these elements aren’t in the game.


Just for those who may be interested, early iterations of Borderlands did include armour parts. In playtesting, however, Gearbox found that players spent more time trying to get the best combinations of armour than playing.

They were then removed.

I’m happy for cosmetics to stay just cosmetic.


How about just playing Destiny 2 then, if that’s what you’re after.


Yeah, that gets a resounding red and bold NO from me. Just keep that PvP crap out of this game series, please. That’s just not what Borderlands is about and I don’t want any resources and development going towards that nonsense.


Borderlands as a PvP? So we want a Battleborn sequel?

I really like Battleborn because the characters and game setting had a lot of elements that made it feel similar to Borderlands. Shame Blizzard did everything possible to kill it by convincing people that Overwatch was the same game done by them when it really wasn’t. That said if they add PvP stuff to BL3 I’m fine with it so long as the campaign and PvE content we get doesn’t suffer for it. However as niche as PvP player groups tend to be in looter games it probably would see minimal usage unless they did things seen in other games that forced players to play PvP to get certain things in game just to try and populate a lobby for the few people that actually like PvPing.

As for the MMO thing. I wouldn’t want this IMO as an full on open world populated by people like FFXIV, WoW, UO, etc… I just don’t see it working on a looter/shooter. It works to a degree with destiny however the things destiny’s guns can do pale considerably to guns in the BL series. Though admittedly it would be funny to see how many people drop from game when 100 people fire off Norfleets at the same time because their system couldn’t handle it. I only got to crash 3 people with Maya scorn orbs because of lag shenanigans.

I think it could work if done in a manner similar to the route the PSO/PSU franchise went. Open non combat zone hubs that players could run around in, chat, trade, goof off with emotes, play mini games, form parties or groups, and so on. But have the actual game play zones instanced with just your party members or the people that join if you leave it open up to the max party size.

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Hard nope from me on PvP or any kind of MMOishness.


Reading all this -

I thought of Diablo, and -

That. Then, I thought -

Exactly. Why make one game like another, when you can just play the other? The current gaming market is full of clones and ripoffs - Heh, Destiny - let’s not make our unique game one of those.


Well, now, that… That is subjective.


To be fair. I liked the story told in the destiny games. However I found it much harder to commit to farming loot on it for anything beyond a short period of time once end game was reached. And the PvP was… well it really didn’t feel any different than PvP in nearly any other shooter outside of just doing specific shenanigans like in this vid. There was also I think it was in D1 where I was consistently getting kill streaks by just punching people with an unpowered sword hilt because timing it so you land immediately after making contact with it bypassed or canceled the rest of the animation and let you immediately attack again.

Gambit was enjoyable to a degree though since it was a little more than me just shooting other players in the face repeatedly. Sure there were a few other objective based modes, however I recall them being able to be cleared faster by just wiping out the other team.


To elaborate: I don’t want an MMO and all the tedious, boring, and teeth grinding frustration that entails. I want Borderlands.


Heck outta here with PvP. Give me more crazy guns and cool quests instead.


But I want to no scope headshot then teabag some guy that shouts “E-sports 360 speedrunz!” in BL3 after they kill the quest objective I was going after… >.>


And I don’t want to worry about finding that guy in my game to begin with.

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The cancer grows…

oh the joy of making people rage quit after they steal your kill

Did anyone ever bother with the Arenas in Borderlands 1?