"Competitive Multiplayer" doesn't exist until you fix leavers

Calling this competitive is a joke. The number of leavers is ridiculous, a game shouldn’t even start if it is 4v5. Seriously? We all know people leave and there isn’t anything that can really be done about it, but a game starting uneven isn’t fun for anyone. This can easily be remedied by just ensuring that at least all 5 players START THE MATCH. Or by allowing an early forfeit vote if there is an uneven player count. Or by putting a bot in since it isn’t ranked. There are all kinds of options to fix this, so why isn’t something being done about this already? This should certainly rank as a priority and warrant a hot fix over waiting until a patch. Or at least see some real dev discussion about it as opposed to "we are looking at something… generic corporate response etc… come on.


There should be a buff for playing short-handed, through power play extensions/reductions, lowered build cost, greater completion rewards, etc.

Maybe an option to join a short team for bonuses of some sort. But you can’t even join a game in progress, or at least I’ve never been placed.

Yeah joining a short handed team will never happen, there are issues with experience, is it the same hero, how many shards do they get, etc. I do like the idea of a buff of some sort, but that would be really hard to balance out I feel.

The only fix should be if you are down 3v5 you don’t get a penalty for leaving the match. There won’t be any real fix for ppl leaving because they will always find a way to quit out regardless of penalty. At the same time , these are the same people who are ranked pretty high and quickly try to initiate a forfeit when the incursion score is 92-100, and he’s the only one with no kills.

Take note of who is truly leaving matches and full lobbies , most times than not it will be some high rank who automatically dismisses his team mates who are still in their teens.

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I don’t care who it is, almost every other game I play in has a leaver on one side or the other, its garbage, these devs need to get their ■■■■ together and DO SOMETHING. I just played yet another 3v5 this game sucks right now because it seems like the devs have no idea what they are doing.

Yup we just went 5v3 against a team because people quit on them. If my whole team were in a party we would have drug out the match to lvl 10 and 1 minute left just for xp for everyone. Unfortunately we weren’t so the team crushed them in 5 minutes, pissed everyone off the and nobody got and worthwhile exp.

I would rather lose quickly than have the match drag on for experience. I’m playing because I enjoy good close matches, dragging on a 3v5 doesn’t sound fun. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be pissed that someone was forcing a match to drag on for experience. That type of thing just causes more quitters. I personally would never quit on my team, would try to surrender though, but I understand why things like dragging on an over game would cause people to quit.

Surrender is the other teams choice, I know my friends and I have brutally fought a to a guaranteed defeat because a 5 minute match is a waste of time toward progression but a 25 minute loss still nets $ and exp.

If they had an actual ranked system it would cut down on a lot of this.
It’s just a free for all with no penalties.
Other than people stop playing the game that is…

I have been in a few 4v5 matches that were pretty close. The spawn times can get brutal for the weak team late game.