Competitive on Twitch

Just been watching this last showdown, pretty entertaining stuff.

How is Thorn getting through every draft?! It’s a rare to be able to play her in a 10 over here :confused:

We don’t honor ban OM and kelvin/ghalt take ban priority

Why Kelvin?

Because being deleted by Oscar and getting space laser backdoored is way less busted than a fat hit box with a 1.5 sec stun or a pull that doesn’t mean ■■■■ unless he has 2+ CC to back it up

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I remember it seeming like the PS4 community and Xbox community have different ideas on details when it comes to the meta. I haven’t thought much about it since I stopped playing competitive.

I find it interesting how different the metas are between the consoles. It’s the same game so it’s hard to pin point where the difference is. ISIC is another character that is disagreed upon between the consoles. PS4 at least 3rd picks him every match and Xbox seems to place less value on him.

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Yeah he’s a fairly rare pick on Xbox in general. I’ve always found it odd since he’s the only tanky character with a ranged attack. Except for maybe Kleese, but ISIC has more mobility.

Rip Toby apparently lol. I mean, I guess his tankiness is debatable, but with dr at 5 and a shield helix it’s definitely not bad. Although even then it’s not like he ever gets picked after the nerfs either unless the other team somehow manages to pick zero ranged charaters somehow and he can do whatever he wants.

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The failed chain stun attempts are real

As a tank he can’t compare to Montana, as a bulky attacker, he can’t compare to ISIC, Ernest or even regen based Whiskey. But Toby’s wave clear and CC are still top tier so his method zis just different from other ‘defenders.’ He plays more to objective than other characters imo.


Please tell me your excellency has finally made his way to the league


Hey man, don’t you know that the best players in any multiplayer game never do anything resembling comp :^)


It’s more so for the constant wounding at level 5, along with his ult for sentry damage.

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This is just one reason why you ban Thorn :joy:

Ash you good, but ■■■■ thorn

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