Competitive Playlist Should Have Draft Mode

All the tournaments I’ve seen have been using a draft system for characters. If a character is selected he can not be selected again by the other team. At first I hated this idea, but through playing I now love it. It adds a whole other level of strategy and the best teams will be good with lots of characters.

I think the Competitive Playlist needs at least a draft mode. In a perfect world each team would get a ban or two and legendaries would be banned as well. This way the Competitive Playlist would be similar to tournaments and prepare you for them.

GBX, please consider adding a draft mode to the Competitive Playlist. I love the strict SBMM, but would be cool practicing with and against team compositions that you will actually see in tournaments.

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tbh, i still hate it. but at the same time it is such a necessary evil due to a few characters that still desperately need to be rebalanced. if the several characters that overstep the boundaries of balance were not so badly imbalanced, then i would absolutely despise the drafts and the bans. but because they are the way they are, it is hard for me to enjoy our competitive games unless the picks and bans are present.

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bump for no legendary and at least a draft in pubs in competitive

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Problem: how do you decide who picks first? Since we’re not stuck with that team after the first match, you can’t reverse performance pick the drafting order. Even the first round in a tournament, needs some kind of order.

To be clear: I don’t normally do drafting games. :slight_smile: So I don’t know anything about them beyond the pick issue.

it would have to be random. i dont think the competitive community would have a problem with that. anything is better than what we have now, and any move in the direction of truly being competitive would be welcomed. first thing needs to go is the legendary gear, because that is easy to do. having first pick is a huge advantage, especially if there are no bans. so what they could do is change the structure to the pick structure to 1-2-2-1-2-2-1-2-1-1

True, but there’s no offset for first pick. Nothing that balances the scales. Approximating two teams of even skill and communicative ability, the first pick is a huge advantage that isn’t balanced out by anything. The closest(and boy does this stretch far from close) thing I could think of, is that the team who gets first pick, either has no Thralls for x amount of minutes, or has a sentry with no shield for X amount of minutes.

i actually kind of agree here. that was one of my main complaints about the tournament we played in. i think by having the team that does not get first pick getting to pick 2 characters is not enough, simply because the team with first pick immediately follows with 2. if they made it to where the team with first picks gets single picks the rest of their draft would balance things out some

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Sounds good to me. I’d like to see that, this would be another difference between competitive and not competitive.

Why do you think legendary gear has got to go? Imo I think the access to legendary gear (especially after this recent update) is just fine (ran the sabotuer and got 2 legender gear pieces and heard of others getting 3 pieces in one match) I don’t feel like legendary gear give a large enough competitive advantage as I have seen people run no legendary and wreck teams and I gave seen others run full legendary and get wrecked. Personally one of my best characters is miko and I focus healing my melee characters and keep them up and I have had games were we dominated the opposing team (culminating in yesterday having a 40 assist game where I had 185k healing) but I run no legendaries.

My point is that the legendary gear is great but it doesn’t make or break a team. I have never had a gear piece kill me. And the ones that were majorly op are now nerfed to heck and they are continuing to nerf others. To remove legendries from the game is remove part of the game.

In the same breathe I know there are bad RNG issues, but everyone faces the same issues so we are all on an even playing field and now it is easier to get legendaries (unless you don’t do PVE) which if that is the case I’m sorry but you got nobody to blain but yourself.

If I missed anything let me know because I don’t agree with banning legendaries and I don’t have many nor do I run the ones I use. (Not trying to argue here I just really want to see the other side).

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All the tournaments I’ve seen ban legendaries. Some are very powerful still. It just makes it more about player skill than gear. At the highest level people will stack certain legendaries and it can become pretty ridiculous. I don’t think they have a place in competitive play.

If tournaments allowed it then I could see it staying in, but with tournaments banning legendaries I think the ranked playlist should follow suit.

But to me that’s a problem, legendary gear was put into the game for a reason… maybe they should make a third playlist (ulta-competitive or tourney mode or something) where they follow those rules… I enjoy playing on competitive and would rather play that than playing casual, but I want to use the legendaries I have gathered if I can. So maybe they need to introduce a third one that actually has like a leader board or something that doesn’t have legendaris and follows standard tournament rules.

Also, in a true competitive mode all players would have access to all the gear in the game with normalized stats. So you have to consider that if legendaries were allowed in the ideal ranked playlist everyone would have access to ALL legendaries. I’m sure you could see how this would be a problem. You’d be able stack certain ones, etc.

I’m hoping GBX is moving towards a draft with a ranked set of gear or just letting players have access to all gear with the same stats, minus legendaries.

This is how it works in COD. You can be rank 1, but if you queue into a private match or ranked match you have access to all the attachments etc.

Yeah I just think the overwhelming majority of people who play in the tourneys etc despise legendaries in competitive play, at least the people I’ve talked to.

Although I do like legendaries in public matches to mess around, I think a lot of them still become troublesome, non-competitive, and unbalanced at high levels and every level really.

Edit: I’d love if they balanced the legendaries more and raised the shard cost to try to promote them being used in tourneys, etc. But not sure that will happen. Can you imagine a good Kelvin with the legendary gear that resets cooldowns when you fall below 20% health? He would never die.

Hmm idk if they would move in that direction thoufh as it would negate the reasoning in having the legendaries drop in the story move thusily making the PVE irrelevant and I think that is why they increased the drop rate so much, because they want people to play PVE more and be rewarded for it. Idk maybe it would work but :confused: this is the first game I have played that has gear in it.

Yeah same here, so who knows where they will go with it. I really hope they implement a draft. The game plays so different when you draft and counter pick.

Yea a character draft sounds really cool and I like the idea. I like choosing last on my team to really ensure I choose the best option on my team, but it would be even better to build your team to combat the others and would make things very competitive. Also I think pickin first would be terrible because yea yoI can pick what you want, but if your team doesn’t build to compliment you you might have a rough time. I would relish being the last pick and volunteer for that position! (Lol then again I play as all characters and can play anyone to help compliment my team) I know other people are really really good with certain character (way better than me) but I am like a jack of all trades good with all bit neither bad or amazing with anyone

Yeah in the tourneys first pick had a huge advantage, so not sure what they’d do about that. With no bans in place it might even itself out, but interested to see how it goes if they do implement a draft. Thorn was picked first every time if she was not banned, but Miko and Alani were banned pretty much every game, so with no bans the team that picks second may have an advantage being able to grab 2/3 of the powerhouse characters.

It’s a pretty interesting dynamic

Edit: but even then, in tourneys you will never play against Miko in her current state bc Miko will be banned every time. So without bans in competitive play I don’t think we’ll be able to duplicate tourney compositions, but it’s better than not having a draft I think.

If you’re going to remove any gear to emphasize “team play” then you should remove all gear. But banning the healers? And celebrating op ranged dps? That sounds like no scene I wish to be part of. Especially when new maps are added, I can only hope the “competitive” teams shift towards playing al maps and modes, banning 3 for best of 5. Team with two map picks picks second for heroes, no mirrors. The game is about heroes. Why would you ban them?


I agree I don’t think there should ever be bans on characters.

I don’t mind having a mode where legendaries are removed but pulling heroes from a Hero-FPS is a really strange idea…

The roster is too small for bans. It creates a problem where you can potentially remove all viable support/tanks/etc. and just makes games more imbalanced.

Plus the characters are fairly well balanced, there arent any characters that if the other team picks, its an instant win.