Competitive Team (Name Change Required Example: eLevate Cloud)

As we may all know that BattleBorn has the potential to become an Esports game with a couple of fixes here and there and some support from the community and developers. I’m making a team that will compete in Battleborn Tournaments.

Esports Team… you know who you are and this team isn’t just that pvp team you join just to have people to play with. This is a full commitment to competitive battleborn. Requirements need to be made.

Please inbox me on xbox (GamerTag: Death1Cloud) or comment here.

Major Requirements:

Be able to travel
Must be 18 or older
Must be Level 20 or abov
Team Tag(Name Change)
Internet (Some of you are gonna reply to this with no Internet…That was a joke btw)
Flexible (Talk about that later in depth).
Mic (This one isn’t a joke, Some of you are really gonna say hey i can try out now and get a mic later but i can still hear you)

Please inform us for a tryout:

Location(Example: East coast):
Role (Support/Healer, Support/Defender, DPS/Shooter/Mage, Melee/Rath <— Jk)

Any question can be asked on here or my Gamertag(Death1Cloud)

For those who wanna know ABOUT ME:

Location: East Coast(New York City)
Competitive Team(s): GoW3 Zero Tolerance 3 Years Leader, etc
Top Competitive placing: 2nd Place (Gears of War 3 Dubs Team)
MOBA Background Experience: Smite
BattleBorn Main Role: DPS/Mage (Secondary Melee)
Streamer: Yes,
Personality: I can be serious at first but overall i am really chill, down to earth and i like to joke and have a good time.
Team Name: I have a few but when we get 5 players we will discuss this topic.

Disclaimer - This isn’t an Team Elevate affiliated post

Try outs in a 30 mins Streaming on

Location: East Coast Florida
Competitive team: Cod4-Black ops 3/ Heroes of the storm (moba) top 200 team on call of duty
Battleborn main role: Flex player dps/tank/ range dps
Streamer: Yes i can stream my youtube is Wulfyy
Personality: fun happy guy, likes to have fun but when it comes to matches and scrims and tourneys im serious, steady callout and info, serious, 18 in a week
Team name: idk about a team name, you put eLevate on there which is a pretty big org so that would be cool but whatever works for me.
GT: WULFeisha



Team of 2 looking for members to join

The RBD Bros are still looking if you are cloud lol