Competitive Team w/ Sense of Humor

Been playing MOBA’s for a very long time as early as Dota in WC3, LoL to some of the more recent Smite, Bloodline Champions & HoTS. Fell in love with this game in open beta and see a lot of potential with the right team. I will be in charge of setting up scrimmages and hopefully organizing tournaments, but also would like a co-leader with experience as well in this scene to work together. I want everyone to have a say in discussing strategies and fill in gaps when needed for the team.

Our competitive team will need interested individuals who meet the following criteria :

  • Mic is a Must. Our team must communicate and be willing to have fun doing so.
  • Level 20+ and have knowledge of the mechanics for this game.
  • Flexible with various Battleborns.
  • Ages 21 and over.
  • Previous MOBA experience and willingness to learn.

If you fit this criteria please contact me via this forum to get some games in and you may also message me through XBOX ONE @ KrazedJunkie.

PS. If you currently have a team and need assistance I am open to that as well.

Good to see other people forming teams

What times will you be typically playing?

I’m in. It’s awesome you’ve been playing Moba since the warcraft 3 mod. I did that then LOL, hon, Dota 2, still play smite. Please add me if you want a solid team player gt Megatronus83

Well I am on Eastern GMT -5:00, so I play between 10am-10pm Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri, & Sat. Weds & Sun is typically after 4pm.

Also what level are you & do those time frames suit your schedule?

Yeah WC3 is actually when I built my first gaming PC and had an NVIDA 6800 rofl which is a joke now a days.

I will add you and look forward to playing with you.


I am GMT/UTC 0 and typically play between 5-11pm. Lvl 20 and got to 46 on the beta. My GT is Z38 TP, add me up :slight_smile:

No mic currently, but if you want to add me for the time being I’ll check in when I find it.

Ice Cold Jay D

Thank you for the overwhelming responses and the Battleborn forums for connecting me to some fellow gamers.

As of now we have a great crew and will be back if that changes!

Are you still looking for players?