Compilation of New Battleborn Characters

This needs to be said: Battleborn has allowed for a whole host of characters to be created. Everything from the professional and perfected to the weird and wacky. I’ve spent the past two months creating characters my own Battleborn characters and I have exceeded the original number of Battleborn which GBX has created. In Layman’s terms I’ve create ideas for 34 unique Battleborn characters and counting. At this point staying original is tricky and even I might run of ideas eventually so I’m going to post each of my Battleborn here. Which means I am leaving myself to the mercy of people’s comments so please keep them constructive and useful. Post your own ideas here too, its a free internet inside of a free country.
Disclaimer: I will not press charges against Gearbox Software if they decide to use these Ideas I have posted. All I want is to be recognized for the conceptual and statistical designs of these characters.


Here is the first of my Battleborn:

Name: Versent Dercril. Versent is a Peacekeeper who has served as a member of an anti-riot unit tasked with breaking up protestors and fighting gang wars on many of the worlds under Peacekeeper protection. When the number of worlds under the Peacekeeper control began to shrink thanks to the Varelsi, Versent followed his commanders to Solus and assisted them in setting up a stronghold in and around Solus. When Ghalt sent out the call for fighting to protect Solus, Versent disobeyed his commanders, defected from the Peacekeepers and signed up to fight to protect the last star.

Appearance Description: A grizzled humanoid with scars across his face and a heavily torn but intact suit of armor. He carries a laser magnum which uses solid ammunition and a solid shield he can raise and see through.

Role: Defender/Tank/Controller

Weapons: Tactical Shield and Advanced Magnum. Use the left trigger to raise the tactical shield and the right trigger to fire the magnum.

Passive: Kinetic Amplifier: Damage mitigated by the shield is stored as energy to be used to power your abilities. Once it reaches max capacity, you have 5 seconds before the energy accumulated is lost.

Ability 1: Defensive Mode: Deploys the Tactical Shield to cover the user’s head and upper body, protecting the user from regular and critical damage by 40% from the front for 8 seconds. Kinetic Amplifier increases the damage reduction by an additional 10-20% depending on the amount of damage absorbed. Movement speed is reduced while Defensive Mode is active.

Ability 2: Shield Pulse: Discharges kinetic energy to knockback and damage enemies that are within melee range of the user for 154 damage. Kinetic Amplifier increases the number of pulses by 1-2 which fire off every 2 seconds after the first initial burst.

Ultimate: Kinetic Shockwave: Unleashes a kinetic shockwave in a cone in front of the user dealing 560 damage. Attackers in close range take more damage than those at the edge of the ability’s area of effect. Kinetic Amplifier increases the range of the shockwave by an additional 20-40% depending on the amount of damage absorbed.

Augmentation Paths: Kinetic Sponge or Powerhouse

Kinetic Sponge Level 1: When Defensive Mode expires, you get a reduction to the cooldown of your next ability except Defensive mode. +15% cooldown speed.

Level 2: Replaces magnum ammo with flat tipped bullets which have a 10% chance per bullet to slow down enemies. +2 seconds slowed.

Level 3: A portion of damage absorbed while Defensive Mode is active is reflected back at the attacker while still being absorbed by Kinetic Amplifier. +15% damage reflection.

Level 4: Increase the knockback distance of Shield Pulse. +40% knockback effect.

Level 5: Increase magnum reload speed. +25% reload speed.

Level 6: Teammates near you while Defensive Mode is active get a small amount of damage resistance for the duration of the ability and if they are close. +10% damage reduction to nearby teammates.

Level 7: Increase the amount of time before Kinetic Amplifier automatically dumps stored energy. +5 seconds to duration.

Level 8: Defensive Mode’s damage reductions now affect you when an enemy attacks from behind.

Level 9: Restores 234 shield energy for every pulse which occurs upon activation of Shield Pulse.

Level 10: Gain an overshield when you activate Kinetic Shockwave with energy equal to 50% of the damage inflicted upon all enemies caught in the shockwave’s blast for eight seconds.

Powerhouse Level 1: Increases movement speed by a certain amount while absorbing damage in Defensive mode. Up to 40% depending on level of kinetic energy absorption.

Level 2: Loads the magnum with explosive ammo, but reduces ammo capacity. -2 ammo capacity. +140 damage per shot to each affected enemy in the explosion.

Level 3: Gain a damage boost to your next attack or skill which lasts for 4 seconds after Defensive mode expires or you cancel it early. 25% damage boost.

Level 4: A Shield Pulse fires off when you activate Defensive mode and when it expires, in exchange Shield Pulse no longer benefits from Kinetic Amplifier.

Level 5: Kinetic Amplifier now absorbs a portion of damage even when your tactical shield isn’t active. +20% damage absorption.

Level 6: Kinetic Amplifier now draws additional power from your shields depending on how much damage has been absorbed when activating an ability. Up to 50% of shield energy.

Level 7: There is a chance that a random bullet in each magnum clip that your shields automatically start recharging. 15% per bullet fired.

Level 8: Shield Pulse is no longer an activated skill but automatically activates when your shield or an overshield breaks.

Level 9: Enemies near you when Shield Pulse fires off deal 5% less damage for 5 seconds. -5% damage dealt.

Level 10: Kinetic Shockwave now propels you forward in addition to releasing a shockwave.


Battleborn number two:

Name: Matilda Legarth, Galactic Daredevil: A member of the Eldrid, Matilda loved to perform wild and dangerous stunts like riding comets into the upper atmospheres of planets during a meteor shower. She is notorious for cheating death on many an occasion and has gained enough notoriety that she is called the Star Surfer. Now that the Varelsi have darkened all of the stars except for Solus, she has joined the Battleborn as her last chance to satisfy her lust for adrenaline fueled, suicidal, athletic highs.

Description of Appearance: A half-breed Aeflin like Mellka who wears a racing suit with a bunch of LLC brand marketing insignias on it, meaning her sponsors over the years. She also has a kick-ass board with jets and thrusters on it. She also has short green hair partially dyed black to show how AWESOME she is!

Role: Attacker/Agile/Initiator

Weapon: Kinetic Boots and Gauntlets: Allows you to fire bursts of lighting or to charge up to fire a lightning bolt which chains to an additional enemy dealing 50% less damage.

Ability 1: Propeller Blitz: Increases movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds and causes enemies in melee range of you to take 65 damage per second for the duration of the ability.

Ability 2: Meteor Slam: Launch into the air and deal an initial 105 damage to people near you. Second part of the attack you have 3 seconds to select an impact point. Any enemies in the impact point take 302 damage. Matilda gets increased health regeneration for 5 seconds afterwards.

Ultimate: Star Surfer: Deploys your hover board giving you a 100% increase to all movement speeds for as long as the ability is activated. While activated, you can’t use your other skills and are limited to dealing only single target lightning attacks and melee attacks.

Talent: Adrenaline Junkie: Matilda regenerates health the faster she moves. Base movement speed: +5 health per second. Sprint speed: +10 per second.

Augmentation Paths: Thrill Seeker and Grease Lightning

Thrill Seeker Level 1: Reduces charge time of chain lightning attack based on how close you are to an enemy: Up to 40% reduced charge time.

Level 2: You continue to regenerate health past your maximum as additional health. Up to 50% of your maximum health.

Level 3: Slightly increases the attack range of Propeller Blitz while active. 10% increased range.

Level 4: Your chain lightning charge ability is replaced with a pulse lightning ability, a short range blast which damages all enemies in its radius for 253 damage. There is a 5 second cooldown between uses.

Level 5: Increases the window of time you have before Meteor Slam automatically fires by 2 seconds.

Level 6: Increases the amount of health you can regenerate past your maximum by an additional 50%.

Level 7: Propeller Blitz slows enemies who get hit briefly. 2 second slow duration.

Level 8: Enemies damaged by your pulse lightning have their ability cooldowns increased by 2 seconds per blast.

Level 9: Increases Meteor Slam’s impact radius. +50% impact range.

Level 10: Every time you melee or use your lightning attacks while Star Surfer is activated you do a three sixty degree spin which has a chance to reflect incoming enemy base damage. +50% damage reflection.

Grease Lightning Level 1: Allows for an additional enemy to be hit by the chain lightning.

Level 2: For the duration of Propeller Blitz you deal lightning damage to enemies outside of melee range. 35 damage per second.

Level 3: Meteor Slam now blinds enemies who get hit. +2 second blind duration.

Level 4: Chain lightning now chains to friendlies, but a portion of their health or shields are restored. +5% health or shield restored.

Level 5: Increases base health regeneration. +2 health regeneration per second.

Level 6: When Propeller Blitz expires, you and nearby friendlies gain an increase to ability cooldown for a few seconds. +5% to ability cooldown for 4 seconds.

Level 7: Increases lightning damage done to shields. +30% damage to enemy shields.

Level 8: Meteor Slam leaves behind a lightning storm at the impact sight which persists for 5 seconds. +54 damage per second.

Level 9: Extends the duration of Propeller Blitz. +3 seconds to duration.

Level 10: Meteor Slam and Propeller Blitz can be used while Star Surfer is active but they deal reduced damage. 40% damage reduction to skill damage.


Battleborn number three:

Name: SolDier J, a Peacekeeper dropout who thought using music to motivate people on the battlefield could improve combat efficiency and increase survivability, but his superiors considered it to be a noisy distraction. Now under the name SolDier J, he fights for the Rogues as their main source of entertainment and by collecting surgically removed enemy ear drums. You have to wonder, how is this guy not deaf himself?”

Description of Appearance: Like any DJ, SolDier J rides atop a floating stage complete with turntables and two six foot tall speakers. He’s a big target so you only really deal damage to him when you hit his main body. As for the man himself, he’s a teenager with spiky hair, futuristic headphones and bangs his head or does the usual moves a DJ does whenever he drops the base. Using skills also causes him to do some sick moves.

Role: Supporter/Disruptor/Rescuer

Weapon: The power of music. Really! Weaponized sound blaster. Primary fire Soldier J uses his sound system to do constant damage to enemies in a cone in front of him. After a while he needs to let his equipment cool off.

Ability 1: Sub-Woofer: A wide range blast which bombards enemies with high pitched soundwaves and takes away their hearing for three seconds. Also slows enemies for the duration of the ability.

Ability 2: Party Sampler: Each time SolDier J activates his sound system it plays a different track for 10 seconds. Track 1 provides health regeneration to teammates of 5 health per second. Track 2 provides a damage boost to all attacks made by friendlies of a 10% increase. Track 3 gives teammates a movement speed bonus of 15%. Hitting the ability button changes the active track.

Ultimate: Madhouse Music: For the next 5 seconds, SolDier J uses Sub-Woofer every 0.5 seconds and deals 45 damage to enemies while he plays all three tracks at once from Party Sampler.

Talent: The INTENSITY: For any of the tracks SolDier J plays, he gains double bonuses.

Augmentation Paths: Dubstepper and Rock Star

Dubstepper Level 1: Increases base attack damage. +18% base attack damage.

Level 2: Add a damage over time effect to Sub-Woofer. +50 damage per second.

Level 3: Track One’s health regeneration rate is increased +7 health regenerated per second.

Level 4: Track 3 now provides a permanent movement speed increase to teammates even while not active. Only affects teammates near SolDier J and not SolDier J himself.

Level 5: Sub-Woofer gains a knockback effect. +10% knockback effect.

Level 6: Reduces the amount of time you have to wait for your sound blaster to cooldown after overheating. -25% cooldown time.

Level 7: There is a chance you will regain 108 at the conclusion of any of the tracks. +30% shield recharge chance.

Level 8: Teammates in Sub-Woofer’s vicinity, upon activation, get an overshield. +50 overshield energy.

Level 9: Increase the maximum duration of any of Party Samplers’ Tracks. +3 seconds to any track.

Level 10: Increases the duration of Madhouse Music but no additional damage is dealt by Sub-Woofer beyond the first 5 seconds. +5 seconds to duration.

Rock Star Level 1: Increases the amount of time before your sound blaster overheats. +40% to weapon usage time.

Level 2: Sub-Woofer’s cooldown time is shortened. -15% to ability cooldown.

Level 3: Track 2 now provides a permanent bonus to teammates even when it isn’t active, but not to SolDier J.

Level 4: Sub-Woofer now only affects targets in front of SolDier J and has increased range in a straight line. +50% to range.

Level 5: Transforms your sound blaster into a guitar which has extended range and has a strumming ability which hits all enemies in close range for 56 damage when you alt fire.

Level 6: Doubles all the additional effects of Party Sampler for teammates while Soldier J receives only base bonuses.

Level 7: Sub-Woofer now causes affected enemies to lose cloaking upon activation.

Level 8: Overheating your weapon now causes an explosion centered on you. +216 damage upon overheating instrument.

Level 9: Sub-Woofer’s hearing loss duration is extended, +2 second duration increase.

Level 10: Madhouse Music now affects all teammates no matter where they are on the map.


Battleborn number four:

Name: Call Sign Firebrand. A flame specialist who drives a suit of power armor equipped with a flamethrower. Dangerous, but vindictive, Firebrand is the last member of a Jennerit civil service team who uses a special type of napalm which consumes oxygen at a faster rate than regular fires while leaving buildings and structures intact. A true firefighter who fights fire with fire. He decided to lend his services to the Battleborn by performing damage control work.

Role: Defender/Territorial/Disruptor

Weapon: A flamethrower which does 41 damage per second to those hit with it and 30 damage per second for 3 seconds when out of range. Damage is constant when enemies are bathed with fire. Alt fire absorbs damage from enemy area of effect attacks and replenishes ammunition to the magazine.

Description of Appearance: Unlike most Jennerit, Firebrand is not Sustained. He’s from the lower echelons of Jennerit society and joined up purely because he wanted to serve his society. His Hellfire power armor is the traditional Jennerit red mixed with rustic purple. His armor stands six and a half feet tall and carries a tank of napalm on his back. His right arm is equipped with a wrist mounted flamethrower while his left arm carries a flame extractor for his alt fire.

Ability 1: Hell Jump: Perform a long jump which damages enemies in the area around where you originally jump dealing 160 damage and 271 where you land.

Ability 2: Containment: Absorbs and makes the area based skills of enemies smaller to replenish 40% of shield energy and reset ammunition. Fires off one free discharge upon activation. Requires the user to take damage from enemy area based skills upon activation.

Ultimate: Burning Fields: Dump napalm over a large area which burns enemies for 62 damage a second for as long as they are in the area. Consuming heat from Burning Fields makes the area smaller. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Talent: Reactive Discharge: Enemies who attack you from behind or the sides take 86 damage with each attack. Each discharge consumes 10 ammunition out of an 80 round magazine.

Augmentation Paths: Firefighter and Hazmatic.

Firefighter Level 1: Increases flamethrower’s maximum range. +20% to range.

Level 2: Hell Jump’s landing sight leaves behind a napalm patch dealing 36 burn damage each second for 5 seconds.

Level 3: Reactive Discharge now slows enemies who get hit. +2 seconds slowed.

Level 4: If Containment fails to absorb any area based damage, its cooldown is reduced. Up to 30% ability cooldown.

Level 5: Flamethrower reload speed is increased. +50% increased reload speed.

Level 6: Containment now afflicts enemies with burn damage if they are in the vicinity upon activation. +34 damage per second for 4 seconds.

Level 7: Increases Hell Jump’s leap distance and you can now change direction midflight by hitting the ability button again. +20% to leap distance.

Level 8: Friendlies who are in Containment’s area of effect get temporary damage resistance to damage over time effects. +10% damage mitigation for 4 seconds.

Level 9: Flamethrower does increased damage to stunned or immobile enemies. +25% damage bonus.

Level 10: Teammates who pass through Burning Fields area of effect are hastened. +25% teammate speed boost.

Hazmatic Level 1: Ammunition automatically regenerates after a short delay. Regenerate 2 ammo per second after 4 second delay.

Level 2: Increases blast radius of Hell Jump where you take off and where you land. +25% to Hell Jump’s radius.

Level 3: Reactive Discharge consumes less ammunition but deals less damage. -4 ammunition per discharge, but -25% damage per discharge.

Level 4: Flamethrower napalm now has an acidic quality to it causing enemies to take increased damage from damage over time sources. +15% increased damage to DoT sources.

Level 5: Containment now affects a larger radius and restores 10% more shield energy. +50% to radius.

Level 6: Increase the magazine capacity of the flamethrower. +75% to magazine capacity.

Level 7: A portion of Reactive Discharge’s damage over penetrates enemy shields. +25% shield penetration damage

Level 8: Containment now removes debuffs on teammates and restores 10% of their health upon activation.

Level 9: The flamethrower’s alt fire now has extended range. +40% to range.

Level 10: Burning Fields no longer has its area of effect reduced if you siphon heat from it and its duration is increased. +5 seconds to duration.


My fifth Battleborn:

Name: Mahoney “Pile Driver” Redreav. A foreman in the Last Light Consortium’s aggressive drilling operations in and around Solus, attempting to extract precious metals for production in Minion Robotics. After an attack by the Varelsi in his dig site and witnessing the deaths of several of his workers, he quit and joined up with the Battleborn after a Peacekeeper patrol led by Trevor Ghalt saved him as the sole survivor of the raid. Mahoney is well known for his years in the Peacekeepers before the LLC split off from the military to form their own organization. He was one of the most insane people to survive experimental insertion technology by warping short distances and establishing a beachhead for friendly forces.

Description of Appearance: Mahoney wears a mining Exo-Suit with the traditional yellow and orange colors associated with construction vehicles but also has the more apparent blue colors of the LLC. The Exo-Suit is equipped with lights while the drill and the Exo-Arm are equipped on the Exo-Suit while Mahoney controls them with either hand or directional controls with the corresponding animation. Mahoney himself wears a miner’s rig and related clothes while driving the Exo-Suit.

Role: Defender/Pusher/Tank

Weapon: High Powered Drill, Kinetic Exo Arm. The drill is a melee weapon which deals constant damage to the target and can overheat while the exo arm can block enemy projectiles until it overheats and needs to cool down. Mahoney does not use a shield in battle, instead he relies upon Exo Armor which provides him a 25% damage reduction.

Ability 1: Drill Rocket: Launches your drill like a missile dealing 230 damage to enemies within a certain radius, explodes on contact. Does more damage depending on how much heat the weapon has accumulated, up to 50% additional damage.

Ability 2: Kinetic Sentinel: Rip three rocks out of the earth which circle you taking damage from enemy attacks while active, each rock can absorb up to 316 damage. Lasts eight seconds. While this ability is active, you cannot use your Kinetic Exo Arm to block projectile attacks

Ultimate: Warp Beacon: Throw down a warp beacon which starts spawning robotic minions to fight by your side until they self-destruct dealing 105 damage to any enemies who kill them. Spawns a total of 5 minions over the course of 10 seconds. You and your teammates can respawn at your Warp Beacon if either are killed, but you start with half your health upon respawn. The beacon itself has 1000 health, each time either a minion or a player spawns on the beacon, it loses 200 health.

Talent: Gaia Armor System: An experimental armor system which provides Mahoney with a repairable layer of protection. Unlike a shield which refills its energy after a short delay, this armor slowly repairs itself over a longer period of time, even while enemies are attacking you. Takes a total of 15 seconds for the armor to fully repair itself. Base amount of armor is 300 points and 20 points are restored per second.

Augmentation Paths: Sole Survivor and Excavator

Sole Survivor Level 1: Gaia Armor System repairs an additional 5 points per second.

Level 2: If Drill Rocket hits the world it now creates a localized sandstorm in its blast radius which blinds enemies for three seconds after exploding. +3 second blind duration.

Level 3: A portion of damage taken while your drill is revving is reflected back at the attacker. +20% damage reflection.

Level 4: Gaia Armor repairs faster while Kinetic Sentinel is active and hitting the ability button again consumes the rocks and restores 50 armor per active shard. +5 armor repaired per second.

Level 5: Increase the amount of health you get when respawning from the Warp Beacon. +50% more health upon respawn.

Level 6: Respawn with 100 free armor each time you respawn.

Level 7: Exo Arm now reflects a portion of damage back at the attacker. +20% damage reflection.

Level 8: Increases Drill Rocket’s damage. +25% more damage.

Level 9: Kinetic Sentinel’s rocks now absorb more damage before being destroyed and its duration is extended. +2 seconds to duration, +40% to rock health.

Level 10: When Warp Beacon is deployed, there is a random chance that one of the minions spawned will be a more powerful minion with increased health, increased damage and persists after the Warp Beacon expires or is destroyed. (The more powerful minion in question is an unshielded Bulwark bot.

Excavator Level 1: Increases the amount of time the drill and exo arm can run before overheating. +25% to time before overheat.

Level 2: Drill Rocket no longer explodes on contact but cruises along the ground damaging any enemies who get caught in its path, dealing 140 damage to all enemies. Will automatically expire upon reaching a certain distance.

Level 3: When your Gaia Armor is full, you regenerate health. +8 health regeneration per second.

Level 4: Kinetic Sentinel surrounds you with a whirlwind of ten rock shards which deal 65 to enemies over an extended range. Shards still absorb damage, they simply absorb less. +25% ability range. -50% to rock health.

Level 5: Increase the amount of health your teammates get when they respawn from the Warp Beacon. +25% more teammate health upon respawn.

Level 6: Increase Gaia Armor’s maximum capacity. +100 to capacity.

Level 7: The Exo Arm loses the ability to block projectile attacks, but can now knockback and damage enemies if they collide with a wall, enemy unit or another player. +90 collision damage.

Level 8: When Kinetic Sentinel expires, if the rock shards are still active, they hone in on enemies dealing 105 damage. If Level 4 of Excavator is active, they deal 45 damage per active shard.

Level 9: Drill Rocket’s cooldown is reduced. -20% to cooldown time.

Level 10: Reduces the amount of health consumed each time a minion or player respawns at the Warp Beacon. -50% Warp Beacon health consumption. (100 less health per respawn)


Battleborn number 6:

Name: Christina Antelis. An engineer with the Last Light Consortium in Minion Robotics. A gifted craftsman, Christina made quality minions for the LLC for years until the resident ISIC shut down and went insane. She decided to take an early furlough and joined up with the Battleborn to fulfill a hobby: to see how well her minions would do in combating the Varelsi so she could earn a little overtime pay.

Description of Appearance: Christina looks a bit like Phoebe, minus the hoop skirt and floating rapiers, except the runs around on the battlefield wearing an elegant business suit and her left arm is completely cybernetic. Every time she constructs a minion, the corresponding animation will occur with the chosen skill.

Role: Attacker/Minions!/Shielder

Weapon: Energy Repair, a midrange weapon which doubles as a repair tool allowing Christina to repair her robot minions in the field. She can also use it to restore shield energy to teammates. Fires a stream of electric plasma at enemies. She can also restore shield energy to a teammate at 20 shield energy per second.

Ability 1: Grunt Construction: Deploy a basic minion with a short range attack with two hundred health. A maximum of two can be active at a time. Creating a new one beyond the first active two will destroy the oldest one. Enemy players who destroy your grunts gain 3 points of experience upon killing it. Grunts cannot be sacrificed in Meltdown and do not affect Spider Sentries’ shields in Incursion.

Ability 2: Soldier Construction: Deploy a soldier minion with 400 health and equipped with a rifle dealing 46 damage per second. Only one can be active at a time. Creating a new one will destroy the previous one. Enemy players who destroy your soldiers gain 5 points of experience upon killing it. Soldiers cannot be sacrificed in Meltdown and attack enemy Spider Sentries like normal.

Ultimate: Drone Swarm: Unleash a large swarm of nanotech drones which seek out and latch onto three enemies dealing 31 damage per second for 20 seconds. If an enemy dies, a swarm will seek out a new target and deal 25% less damage to that enemy for the remainder of the duration.

Talent: Overclock: The longer your minions are active, the shorter your ability cooldowns are regarding those minions. Up to 10 seconds off of an active cooldown.

Augmentation Paths: Gifted Inventor and Cyborg Overlord

Gifted Inventor Level 1: Your minions get a shield equal to a quarter of your own total shield energy.

Level 2: Repairing your minions no longer causes your plasma beam to overheat.

Level 3: Grunts gain a health boost. +100% to health.

Level 4: Increase the shield restore rate of your plasma beam. +18 shield restore per second.

Level 5: Your active minions are cloaked as long as they don’t fire and uncloaking gives them a small damage buff. +15% damage bonus for 4 seconds.

Level 6: Soldiers gain a health boost. +100% to health.

Level 7: Soldier minions gain a sniper rifle increasing the damage they deal and marking the enemy for 2 seconds. +30% to Soldier damage.

Level 8: When your shield breaks, nearby minions get an overshield equal to 25% of their maximum health.

Level 9: Overclock now will take a maximum of 13 seconds off of an active cooldown

Level 10: When Drone Swarm is active, the drones will swarm around you and infect anyone who melees you or you attack at range causing less damage for the duration of the ability, you also get damage mitigation while it is active. +40% damage mitigation.

Cyborg Overlord Level 1: Grunts and Soldiers unleash a nano swarm when destroyed which seeks out an enemy and deals damage. +45 dps for 4 seconds.

Level 2: Your plasma beam now arcs to nearby enemies dealing 30% less damage.

Level 3: Three Grunts can now be active at any time.

Level 4: Grunts and Soldiers can now warp to your location as long as you aren’t engaged in combat. 6 second delay before teleport.

Level 5: When your shield breaks, your plasma beam will not overheat for seven seconds.

Level 6: Two Soldiers can now be active at any time.

Level 7: Holding the ability button while your minions are active will detonate them dealing 250 damage and Overclock will take 10 seconds off all active cooldowns. If level one of this augment tree is active, it activates too.

Level 8: If you die and you have active minions, they will deal 100% more damage for 6 seconds.

Level 9: There is a chance that while Overclock is active it will reset the cooldown of your Grunt or Soldier Construction abilities. +15% chance of ability reset.

Level 10: After 10 seconds of being active on an enemy, Drone Swarm will detonate and deal damage 402 damage to the target


Battleborn number seven is a dog man with a mortar cannon.

Name: Boomer. A dog man who watched his home planet of Wolven come to a cataclysmic end as his people bravely fought off the Varelsi. His planet exploded in one massive fireball while the last of his people were evacuated by a joint taskforce led by the Peacekeepers and the Eldrid. Boomer enlisted immediately with the Peacekeepers and served as an artillery expert for about a decade until he decided to mentor some Vigilant on the finer points of nonviolent splash damage of explosives. He was kicked out of the Eldrid for accidently blowing up a part of Codex with some very sensitive information regarding Wolven and its flora and fauna. Now he joined up with the Rogues as their professional bomb maker and portable artillery specialist.

Description of Appearance: Boomer is a little taller than Orendi and carries around an actual mortar. He has the head of an English Bulldog and sticks his tongue out from sweating all the time. He wears ragtag military armor with a bunch of mortar shells in packs on his vests. It has that sort of bomb suit appearance like Ernest, but he has a slot in the back for his little tail. The armor color is more in line with the rustic brownish color commonly associated with the Rogues.

Role: Attacker/Disruptor/Pusher

Weapon: 125mm Portable Mortar Cannon, High Explosive Shells. Primary fire causes Boomer to quick fire a shell at a location. Holding the button charges the shell causing it to fly further. Holding the left trigger causes a targeting reticule to appear where the shell will land. A quick fired shell will travel about 10 yards, a fully charged shell will travel 40 yards. The shells do 80 damage per shot no matter how far they travel and have a good blast radius.

Ability 1: Stockpile: Causes Boomer to load his mortar with three shells which are fired in rapid succession upon the next trigger pull each doing 95 damage but covering a wider area in front of him.

Ability 2: Blast Zone: Launch a shell at Boomer’s feet dealing 105-215 depending on distance from the epicenter knocking enemies back.

Ultimate: Carpet Bomber: Boomer launches a shell into the air above him which releases several child grenades covering a large area around Boomer dealing 53 damage per child grenade. Launches thirty child grenades upon shell detonation.

Talent: Boomer adds a different effect to his shells each time he fires one: High Explosive, Smoke and Flashbang. High Explosive has the largest blast radius. Smoke leaves behind an obscuring smoke lasting for 4 seconds. Flashbang blinds enemies caught in the blast for 2 seconds. All non-skill based shells deal 80 base damage upon detonation.

Augmentation Paths: Mad Dog and Watch Dog

Mad Dog Level 1: High Explosive shells release three child grenades which deal 53 damage to enemies. +53 damage per child grenade.

Level 2: Increases the number of shells fired with Stockpile. +1 shell to Stockpile.

Level 3: Blast Zone’s cooldown is reduced. +25% skill cooldown.

Level 4: Blast Zone now knocks enemies into the air instead of back.

Level 5: Boomer can now throw his shells at enemies rapidly instead of using his mortar, but he suffers a range penalty. -60% to maximum range, +40% to base attack speed.

Level 6: Stockpile shells have a chance to leave behind a proximity mine per shell fired which deals 102 damage to enemies. +20% chance of mine creation per shell fired.

Level 7: Smoke and Flashbang shells no longer deal damage, but High Explosive shells have their damage increased. +25% to High Explosive shell damage.

Level 8: Blast Zone can now be used twice in a row, but the second use does no damage.

Level 9: Base shells blanket an area in napalm. +32 damage per second for 2 seconds.

Level 10: Carpet Bomber’s child grenades impact the selected area faster. +45% to projectile speed.

Watch Dog Level 1: Smoke and Flashbang shells have their effects increased. +50% to Smoke and Flashbang shell effect durations.

Level 2: Your shields immediately start recharging after using Stockpile.

Level 3: Enemies passing through Smoke or affected by Flashbang are marked through the world for the duration of the effect.

Level 4: Blast Zone now has a chance to use a Smoke or Flashbang shell when triggered in addition to causing its other effects. +40% shell usage chance.

Level 5: There is a chance for each base attack Boomer uses that one of his shells will fly faster towards its target. +33% chance of 50% increased projectile speed.

Level 6: Teammates passing through your smokescreens are hastened. +30% to teammate movement speed.

Level 7: High Explosive shells are taken out of the shell rotation, but Smoke and Flashbang blast radiuses are increased. +40% to Smoke and Flashbang areas of effect.

Level 8: After using Blast Zone you gain brief damage resistance. +20% damage resistance for 5 seconds.

Level 9: When your shields go down, you drop a bunch of shells that explode and slow enemies briefly. +3 seconds slow duration.

Level 10: Carpet Bomber releases a drone which follows and fires child 3 grenades in tandem with Boomer’s base shell attacks, the drone can be destroyed, but it drops all of its child grenades when it is destroyed.


Battleborn number eight is a fish lady with traps and a spear.

Name: Eraquae, Big Game Hunter. A fish woman from the water planet Tidalis. She is a hunter of all things big and dangerous and never turns away from a challenging hunt. Incredibly patient and perceptive, Eraquae uses the terrain of the ocean to her advantage and isn’t afraid to go on land to hunt down her quarry. When the Varelsi darkened her home world and forced her people to leave it behind, it also destroyed all of the trophies she had accumulated over the years. Now with Solus as the only sun left in the galaxy, Eraquae sought one last hunt by joining the Battleborn, mounting Rendain’s head on her mantle is now her ultimate goal.

Description of Appearance: She looks like Alani but wears a body tight black aquatic suit and a clear breathing mask over her gills and face. Her suit has a bunch of fish bowls and mechanisms which holds the piranha and harpoons for her abilities. When she runs she leaves behind a trail of water when she runs except when cloaked. Fins stick out of her back and are covered in her suit.

Role: Defender/Stealth/Controller

Weapons: Eraquae prefers to use a harpoon launcher in battle. Aiming down sights with her harpoon gun will fire the harpoon while she performs melee attacks with a much larger harpoon. She carries a fixed number of harpoons and must retrieve them if she misses her target. If a harpoon hits its target, it will slow the enemy for 3 seconds. Eraquae does not carry a shield into battle, but relies upon her Aquatic Lifeblood to keep her health up.

Ability 1: Piranha Snare: Deploy a trap on the ground which arms itself in two seconds. When an enemy comes near it, a host of piranha are released dealing 22 damage per second to enemies and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds. A maximum of two can be set at any given time. Moving past it activates Aquatic Lifeblood

Ability 2: Harpoon Turret: A turret which fires a harpoon attached to a cable at the nearest enemy, pulling the enemy near the turret. The turret will constantly release water at its location for five seconds or until the enemy destroys the turret. A maximum of two can be active at a time.

Ultimate: Aquatic Syphon: Eraquae tethers herself to the enemy she is presently attacking causing her to syphon energy from him or her. This energy activates Aquatic Lifeblood and it remains active for the duration of the ability. The enemy suffers reduced movement speed while tethered. Lasts for twelve seconds. -30% movement speed.

Talent: Aquatic Lifeblood: Eraquae’s species has the ability to heal and move faster in the presence of water. On land her species cannot perform these miracles without the presence of water. The effect only lasts for six seconds, but while it is active she regenerates 15 health per second and gets a 40% movement speed increase.

Augmentation Paths: Maritime Trapper and Aquatic Stalker

Maritime Trapper Level 1: Piranha Snare can now be placed on walls and ceilings.

Level 2: Aquatic Lifeblood’s activation grants you an overshield. +225 overshield for six seconds.

Level 3: Harpoon Turret has its health increased. +100% Harpoon Turret health.

Level 4: Missing with the harpoon launcher has a chance to add a harpoon to the clip. +30% chance upon missing.

Level 5: The water released from your traps now gives teammates an attack speed boost. +15% attack speed boost for 4 seconds.

Level 6: The Harpoon Turret deals damage overtime to enemies who are tethered and prioritizes major enemies over minor enemies. +55 damage per second.

Level 7: Fired harpoons now explode after hitting the world or once the slow effect from hitting an enemy expires. +84 damage per explosive harpoon.

Level 8: Piranha Snare is now cloaked but only activates Aquatic Lifeblood for half of its duration.

Level 9: There is a chance that when your traps are destroyed, a new one will spawn in its place. +25% chance of free trap.

Level 10: Aquatic Syphon gives nearby teammates health regeneration and bonus movement speed for as long as you are tethered to an enemy and for the remainder of the duration. +20 health per second and +30% movement speed.

Aquatic Stalker Level 1: Standing near your traps cloaks you for five seconds.

Level 2: Aquatic Lifeblood’s effects are doubled.

Level 3: Reduces the effects duration of Piranha snare by 3 seconds, but increases the damage it deals. +100% damage.

Level 4: Enemies affected by your traps are marked for the duration of their effects.

Level 5: Your harpoon launcher fires all of its harpoons in a cone dealing 240 damage and slowing enemies. +3 slow duration and requires 10 seconds to cooldown.

Level 6: When Aquatic Lifeblood activates, you become cloaked for its duration.

Level 7: Increases the range of your basic harpoon attacks. +30% to melee weapon range.

Level 8: At the end of a melee combo, Aquatic Lifeblood activates.

Level 9: The Harpoon Turret now tethers two enemies at once and explodes if destroyed. +320 damage upon destruction.

Level 10: If Aquatic Lifeblood is active when you activate Aquatic Syphon, a wave of water is sent forward pushing enemies back for 4 seconds.


My ninth Battleborn is a part of a biker and fights with his vehicle.

Name: Demon Hog, Galactic Biker Gang Leader. The leader of a notorious biker gang which goes from planet to planet razing hell for the citizens. Demon Hog doesn’t care how much trouble he causes just as long as he gets to satisfy his nihilistic urge for utter mayhem. With the darkening of the stars, and the reduction of the number of playgrounds Demon Hog has left to raze hell on, he and his gang have decided travel to Solus to raze hell on the remaining planets. After witnessing the deaths of most of his gang to Rendain and his Jennerit Imperium, Demon Hog has gotten really, really pissed at him. He joined the Battleborn for two reasons, to get back at the bastard who killed his gang and to raze as much hell as possible for Rendain and his forces…and cause some grief for the other Battleborn.

Description of Appearance: Hog is a pig man humanoid complete with tusks and earring pierced snout. He has all the fixings of a Rogue Intergalactic Biker. German spiked military helmet, bikers jacket with spikes. spiked brass knuckles, crazy number of tattoos in the forms of pretty girls and demons. Harley-Davidson looking Chopper with long handlebars, leather holster for his sawed off shotgun and metal fabricated to look like a demon. So basically heavy on the crazy look and spikes everywhere, reinforcing the rebellious vibe.

Role: Attacker/Disruptor/Slippery

Weapons: Demon Hog is the only Battleborn who rides into battle on his hovering bike, the Devil Choppa. He also carries a sawed-off shotgun he can fire at enemies by hitting the melee button. He is also the only Battleborn who can ram enemies in melee range and still make a quick getaway. Because he uses a vehicle, his movement speed is terrible when reversing and he can’t strafe when traveling at full speed. His alt-fire acts as a brake. You can hold both down to perform a burnout. Ramming an enemy brings Demon Hog to a complete stop.

Ability 1: Hooch Brew: Demon Hog drinks from a flask which restores 325 health points over the course of 4 seconds. Drinking also blurs his senses and makes it hard for him to drive for its duration.

Ability 2: Nitrous Blast: Gives Demon Hog a speed boost and breaks any impairment effects on him like stun, slow or blind. Also, if enemies are near you when you activate Nitrous Blast, they take 280 damage.

Ultimate: Hog Wild: Demon Hog pulls out two rapid fire pistols and engulfs himself in a tornado of bullets and fire, dealing 86 damage every 0.5 seconds for eight seconds. He can still move while Hog Wild is active, but his movement speed is cut by 50%.

Talent: Overdrive: Demon Hog can ram his enemies with his bike so his speed directly reflects the damage his ramming attacks do. From 105-302 damage upon ramming

Augmentation Paths: Hell Razer and Gang Leader

Hell Razer Level 1: Increases the amount of time Demon Hog’s senses stay blurred, but increases the amount of damage he deals with ramming attacks for the duration. +3 to drunk duration and +20% to ramming attacks.

Level 2: Performing a burnout leaves behind a small patch of napalm for 3 seconds. +41 damage per second.

Level 3: Increases reload of the sawed-off shotgun. +25% to reload speed.

Level 4: Nitrous Blast also lights enemies on fire. +140 damage over 3 seconds.

Level 5: Hitting the ability button again while Hooch Brew is active causes Demon Hog to throw a flaming Molotov in front of him, dealing 230 damage upon impact and 150 damage over 3 seconds.

Level 6: Shotgun shells now do incendiary damage to enemies. +90 damage over 3 seconds.

Level 7: When reaching top speed, Demon Hog pops a wheelie and drives straight through enemies dealing 80% of the maximum ram damage possible.

Level 8: Activating Nitrous Blast while Hooch Brew is active causes a larger burst of speed and a slightly larger explosion. +35% to blast radius.

Level 9: While the tipsiness of Hooch Brew is active, Demon Hog breathes fire in a short range cone in front of him. +43 damage per second.

Level 10: Hog Wild now pulls enemies into its damage radius.

Gang Leader Level 1: Hooch Brew heals Demon Hog for more health. +120 health over tipsiness duration.

Level 2: Pulling the trigger on your shotgun fires both barrels at once.

Level 3: Nitrous Blast can now be activated twice in rapid succession, but the explosion caused the second time deals only 25% of its maximum damage.

Level 4: Activating Nitrous Blast near teammates clears them of their impairments and gives them increased movement speed. +25% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Level 5: Hitting the ability button again while Hooch Brew is active causes Demon Hog to throw a healing Molotov which heals teammates it comes into contact with for 205 health, but makes them tipsy for 2 seconds.

Level 6: Fits the Devil Choppa with an armored plow which reduces damage taken from the front and increases the hit box for ramming an enemy. +30% damage mitigation from the front.

Level 7: Loads the shotgun with explosive shells and doubles the clip size. +2 to clip size and +105 damage.

Level 8: Demon Hog no longer is affected by the tipsiness of Hooch Brew.

Level 9: While Overdrive is full, nearby teammates get a damage boost. +10% damage boost.

Level 10: Hog Wild gives the two closest teammates an overshield for the duration of its active time. +200 overshield for 8 seconds.


My tenth Battleborn is a fencer with a battle pistol and excellent support abilities.

Name: Rienthia the Fair, a skilled fencing and pistol duelist. Rienthia is a member of the Last Light Consortium’s Trade Embassy and acts as a liaison for the LLC and the Rogues. Even though she considers it foolhardy for the LLC to negotiate with the Rogues considering the universe is coming to an end. In reality, she is an enforcer for the LLC who fights to protect their most expensive shipments. When Trevor Ghalt put out the call for the Battleborn, she saw the heiress Phoebe join the fight for putting an end to the Varelsi and was inspired to fight for a nobler cause: protecting the last light in the entire universe.

Description of Appearance: Rienthia wears an elegant duelist uniform with self-cleaning nanobots woven into each piece of the fabrics. It is the gray color look like Phoebe’s clothes and is considered similarly a high tech formal duelist’s uniform with a built in shield, but it also has the white and blue colors of the LLC. She also has a pistol holster and rapier holster on her belt. She also wears black heeled boots.

Role: Supporter/Shielder/Skirmisher

Weapons: High-tech rapier and burst fire pistol. Primary fire unleashes a sword combo while secondary fire fires the pistol

Ability 1: Harmonic Tether: You link yourself to a teammate’s shield matrix for 8 seconds. While tethered, your teammate has their recharge delays decreased by 20% and shield recharge rate increased by 35%. However, your own shield effects are halved for the duration. Moving too far from your teammate will break the link. If the teammate doesn’t have a shield, they regenerate 5 health per second.

Ability 2: Aggression Module: Rienthia deploys a special shield which absorbs up to 312 damage. Once it breaks, she gains a 30% damage boost to all basic attacks. If she uses it while Harmonic Tether is active, her damage boost is cut in half but her teammate gets the full damage boost.

Ultimate: Guardian: Rienthia spawns a holographic twin of herself with half of its health, but Harmonic Tether and Aggression Module are active for its duration. It will automatically follow another teammate and attack on its own, dealing half of the damage you are capable of doing. Any active augments do not affect the twin.

Talent: Counter: Any time Rienthia takes 40% of either her health or shield as damage, she will deal an additional 46 damage with all of her basic attacks for 5 seconds.

Augmentation Paths: Swashbuckler and Brilliant Seraph

Swashbuckler Level 1: While Harmonic Tether is active, your movement speed is increased. +22% increased movement speed.

Level 2: You can fire and reload your pistol during a sword combo.

Level 3: Aggression Module reflects some of the damage it absorbs back at the attacker. +20% damage reflection.

Level 4: At the end of a sword combo, your enemy is slowed and you are propelled backwards. +2 seconds to enemy slow duration.

Level 5: Increase Counter’s added damage. +13 damage added to all basic attacks.

Level 6: Harmonic Tether now increases the movement speed of your teammate. +22% teammate movement speed.

Level 7: Aggression Module’s damage boost for Rienthia and her teammate is increased. +10% damage boost.

Level 8: Counter is now activated after sustaining 35% of either shield or health damage.

Level 9: Sprinting for 4 seconds or longer causes your shields to immediately start recharging.

Level 10: The holographic twin created with Guardian now has full health and shields like you do. +100% to Guardian shields and health.

Brilliant Seraph Level 1: Aggression Module’s overshield is increased. +200 Overshield capacity.

Level 2: Increases the distance you can be tethered to a teammate for Harmonic Tether to be active. +50% Tether distance.

Level 3: Increases the damage your sword and pistol do to enemies with more than 50% health remaining. +35% damage boost.

Level 4: Harmonic Tether’s shield effect reductions on yourself are reduced by 25%.

Level 5: Teammates who pass through your tether gain health regeneration for eight seconds. +12 health regen per second.

Level 6: When the Aggression Module breaks, it heals you and your teammate for 350 health over 4 seconds.

Level 7: Damage dealt while Counter is active is returned to you and your tethered teammate as health. +10% Life Steal.

Level 8: A portion of the damage you and your tethered teammate take speeds up skill cooldown. +15% skill cooldown.

Level 9: Harmonic Tether can now link to two teammates at once.

Level 10: If you or your Guardian dies, tethered friendlies have their health and shields fully restored. If a friendly doesn’t have shields, they get Aggression Module’s overshield and damage boost.

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Very nice. My favorite is Matilda. Remindes me of Evil Kenivle. Nice ideas. :slight_smile:

Well don’t worry, more are on the way.

Here’s my eleventh Battleborn, Shie’ala is a Drone Specialist

Name: Shie’ala, Drone Specialist. Shie’ala is a member of the UPR and well renowned as a drone specialist to her peers. She fulfills a special function as an overwatch teammate in the military, always staying out of the fight, but providing tactical support whenever possible. She is skilled in the use of several drones, but she prefers to use an aerial reconnaissance drone. She joined the Battleborn because her superiors were too caught up in their own personal struggles to care about the last star in existence coming to an end.

Weapon: Tactical Repeating Crossbow. Much like how Thorn uses a bow, Shie’ala’s crossbow is a heavily modifiable semi-automatic weapon that is great at medium to close range encounters. It fires special bolts which mark enemies for 2 seconds upon getting hit, adding to her specialty as an overwatch support character.

Role: Support/Sniper/Survivor

Ability 1: Recon Drone: Shie’ala deploys a recon drone and takes control of it. While controlling it, it has a primary attack to mark enemies for a couple seconds. Enemies who are marked can be seen through the environment. Enemies can be repeatedly marked and take 45 damage per attack. The drone only remains active for fifteen seconds and only has 500 health making it very fragile.

Ability 2: Harmonic Armor: Shie’ala’s shield strength is increased by 500 points, recharge rate is increased by 35 per second and the recharge delay is cut by 2 seconds. These bonuses remain active until her shield breaks, if it breaks however, she emits a small explosion centered on her and damaging nearby enemies for 201 damage. Hitting the ability button detonate her shields, but consumes them in the process.

Ultimate: Screw You.exe: Shie’ala uploads a deadly virus into enemy systems causing them to take 30% increased shield damage for the duration of the ability and marking them. Requires you to hold down the button for the ability to be active, but flags you on the map.

Talent: On My Mark: Hitting enemies with crossbow bolts or recon drone attacks marks enemies for two seconds.

Augmentation Paths: Overwatch and Field Operator

Overwatch Level 1: Increases Recon Drone’s health and active time. +50% health and duration.

Level 2: ADS increases the damage your crossbow bolts deal. +25% to weapon damage.

Level 3: Harmonic Armor increases movement speed. +20% to movement speed.

Level 4: Recon Drone marks targets for longer. +2 seconds to target marking.

Level 5: When the duration of marking targets ends, half of that many seconds gets taken off your next ability cooldown timer.

Level 6: You gain the ability to double jump and you jump higher with your first jump.

Level 7: When Harmonic Armor’s explosion is triggered, you are cloaked for 5 seconds.

Level 8: If you miss with a crossbow bolt, enemies near the impact site of a bolt are now marked instead.

Level 9: Marked targets deal 10% less damage for as long as they remain marked.

Level 10: Screw You.exe no longer marks you on the map.

Field Operator Level 1: Recon Drone gains an explosive cannon which deals increased damage to enemies. +31 damage per shot.

Level 2: Some of Harmonic Armor’s shield bonuses extend to teammates for as long as it is active. 20% of bonuses given to teammates.

Level 3: Your tactical crossbow gets a match trigger.

Level 4: Increase the radius of the Recon Drone’s shots. +50% to area radius.

Level 5: When the Recon Drone runs out of health, it dive bombs the nearest enemy for 200 damage.

Level 6: If you lose your shields while Harmonic Armor is active, there is a chance for some of your health to be restored. 30% chance to restore 310 health.

Level 7: Increase the reload speed of the tactical crossbow. +35% reload speed.

Level 8: Recon Drone gains a concussion grenade secondary weapon which deals the drone’s base damage and slows enemies. +3 second slow duration.

Level 9: If your shield breaks while Harmonic Armor is active, your shield immediately start recharging.

Level 10: Activating Screw You.exe disables enemy skills usage, except for ultimates, for the remainder of its active time.

I give unto thee my twelfth Battleborn: Elesnia puts the freak in freaky.

Name: Elesnia “Manticore”, a survivor of a Jennerit hybridization program where the Jennerit experimented on test subjects to combine human DNA with those of ancient animals. Elesnia had her DNA combined with those of three animals, a cave bat, a Varelsi, and a velociraptor. The experiment failed, but Elesnia’s body was permanently warped by the experiment. She grew scale like wings, a tail, clawed hands and feet and…another head. Her body was also flooded with a fraction of a Varelsi’s power, but it left her with an all-consuming desire to hunt the Varelsi. She joined the Battleborn to kill Varelsi and get back at the Jennerit Imperium which turned her into an abomination, a Manticore.

Role: Supporter/Brawler/Flyer

Weapons: Elesnia is a flying melee attacker who uses dark powers and can coordinate with her teammates. While she is in the air, she can flap her wings to remain aloft by pulling the left trigger while she automatically glides down by herself.

Ability 1: Shadow Pack: Elesnia creates two clones of herself with 250 health and deal 25% of her damage output. They last for 8 seconds and follow her around when not attacking.

Ability 2: Eviscerate: Elesnia lunges for the closest enemy, stuns them for two seconds and deals 308 damage to them. If she is in the air and uses Eviscerate, she will lock onto the nearest enemy and dive bomb them.

Ultimate: Hunting Roar: Elesnia’s raptor head roars, increasing her own and teammate movement speed by 40% and attack speed by 45% for 12 seconds.

Talent: Herd Mentality: When two or more teammates or clones are nearby, Elesnia gains a +10 health regeneration bonus and +20% movement speed.

Augmentation Paths: Pack Leader and Top of the Food Chain

Pack Leader Level 1: Increases the amount of time and health of the clones created by Shadow Pack. +100% health and duration.

Level 2: If Elesnia uses Eviscerate while her clones are active, they will use Eviscerate too and do 25% of Eviscerate’s damage to the enemy, minus the stun effect.

Level 3: Herd Mentality’s effect now extends to nearby teammates.

Level 4: Increases Elesnia’s flight speed. +15% flight speed.

Level 5: After a skill completes, Elesnia activates Herd Mentality for 4 seconds without its requirements.

Level 6: Increases Eviscerate’s cooldown time. +20% cooldown time.

Level 7: Herd Mentality’s health regen bonus is increased. +10 health per second.

Level 8: If you are affected by a stun, slow or blind effect, you regenerate 105 health for the duration of those effects. This effect can only be used one every 20 seconds.

Level 9: Shadow Pack now creates a third clone and upon death the clones amplify damage done to enemies. +10% amplify damage for 4 seconds.

Level 10: Hunting Roar’s duration is extended. +4 seconds to duration.

Top of the Food Chain Level 1: Increase Eviscerate’s dive bomb speed. +35% dive bomb speed.

Level 2: Elesnia can consume her Shadow Pack to regain health equal to 50% of their remaining health.

Level 3: Basic melee attacks now cause a bleed effect. +105 damage over three seconds.

Level 4: Herd Mentality requires one less teammate to activate.

Level 5: Eviscerate now causes you to get propelled back into the air, but it no longer stuns enemies.

Level 6: While gliding, Elesnia is cloaked.

Level 7: Herd Mentality now gives you damage mitigation. +15% damage mitigation.

Level 8: Increase the damage output of the Shadow Pack clones. +35% damage output.

Level 9: When Shadow Pack clones die, there is a chance per clone a new one with half of its health take its place. +40% clone respawn per clone.

Level 10: Hunting Roar’s bonuses for teammates are halved, but you receive double bonuses for the duration.

How about a Jennerit monk who switches weapon styles as he fights? My thirteenth Battleborn is Jin’Ula

Name: Jin’Ula, one of many male monks to study under and serve the Jennerit’s Silent Sisters. Jin’Ula served under Ambra as a lowly initiate, but showed he was a capable martial fighter. Trained in ancient fighting styles and weapons, Jin’Ula is skilled in many forms of combat and does so with a grace many have not seen before. Ambra was intrigued by his persistence and steadfast devotion to the Silent Sisters that she considered nominating him for Sustainment. After Rendain’s coup de tat, Jin’Ula fled with Ambra and other refugees from Tempest. Now following the example and tutelage of his former mentor, Jin’Ula has joined the Battleborn to rid the universe of Rendain and also to restore Ambra to the leadership of the Silent Sisters.

Role: Attacker/Agile/Versatile

Weapons: Jin’Ula is all about confusing his enemies with his unpredictable fighting style. He carries three types of weapons into battle and can switch them on the fly. He uses dual Chakrams, a spear and Sais. Chakrams give him access to a fluid melee and ranged weapon, the spear gives him a slower attack, but gives him greatly increased melee attack range and the Sais make him attack really fast.

Ability 1: Chi Burst: Jin’Ula charges up a burst of energy to propel himself into the air and deals 204 damage to nearby enemies over 6 seconds. He changes his equipped weapon when he activates the ability.

Ability 2: Focused Mind: Jin’Ula focuses upon the remnants of Sustainment in his body to regenerate 95 health per second, get 10% damage mitigation and increase his movement speed by 15% for seven seconds. His weapon style changes weapon style when the ability starts.

Ultimate: Pariah’s Sacrifice: Jin’Ula sacrifices half of his health, but restores the health of nearby teammates equal to 50% of the sacrificed amount. He switches his weapon style upon activating the ultimate.

Talent: Unpredictable: Jin’Ula switches his equipped weapon every time he uses one of his skills in a rotation of Chakrams, Spear and Sais.

Augmentation Paths: Weapons Master and Enlightened

Weapons Master Level 1: Whenever Jin’Ula switches his weapons, he is healed for 50 health.

Level 2: When switching to the Sais, Jin’Ula gets increased movement speed. +10% movement speed for 5 seconds.

Level 3: When switching to his Chakrams, Jin’Ula deals increased ranged damage with the Chakrams. +20% ranged damage for 5 seconds.

Level 4: Increase the melee attack speed of the Sais and the Chakrams. +15% melee attack haste.

Level 5: Switching to the spear, Jin’Ula increases your weapon combo speed for 5 seconds. +25% combo speed.

Level 6: Increases the spear’s melee attack range. +20% melee attack range.

Level 7: Using a skill randomizes the weapon you will switch to.

Level 8: Switching weapons reduces the cooldown of your next skill by 7 seconds.

Level 9: All weapons gain the ability to steal health per attack. +5% Life Steal per attack.

Level 10: Pariah’s Sacrifice consumes less health and increases weapon damage for 6 seconds. -100 health consumed and +30% weapon damage.

Enlightened Level 1: Chi Burst’s cooldown is reduced. +20% cooldown.

Level 2: Focused Mind’s duration is increased. +3 seconds to duration.

Level 3: Using Chi Burst while Focused Mind is active increases Chi Burst’s area of effect. +50% area of effect.

Level 4: Chi Burst now propels Jin’Ula in whatever direction he is moving.

Level 5: Upon activation, Focused Mind grants Jin’Ula an Overshield. +250 Overshield for 6 seconds.

Level 6: Focused Mind’s damage mitigation and movement speed bonuses are increased. +15% to both.

Level 7: Chi Burst now hastens allies who run through its area of effect. +20% ally haste.

Level 8: Chi Burst now prevents enemy healing for the duration of the ability.

Level 9: If enemies reduce you to 10% of your total health, Focused Mind’s cooldown is reset.

Level 10: Pariah’s Sacrifice reduces the damage nearby teammates take by 25% for 5 seconds.

My fourteenth Battleborn is quite strange, he’s a space zombie.

Name: Tobias Armweak, a deep space explorer who has spent years exploring the cosmos on an insane mission of his own to uncover the secrets of the universe. About ten years into his mad quest to find the end times, he had an altercation where his spacecraft lost pressurization and he was sucked out into space where he died in under fifteen seconds. Oddly enough, a mutated section of a shard forced his brain activity to begin again, but it caused whatever was left of Tobias Armweak to come back to life. Tobias is the one who first discovered the Varelsi were Darkening stars and planets, but he had no way of telling others considering his “condition.” He waited for several centuries in his derelict spacecraft, repairing it slowly from the junk of other ships destroyed by the Varelsi. He has now come to the last star, Solus, to protect it anyway he can. He is an excellent scavenger and wreaks havoc on the battlefield. He has taken refuge with the LLC who can curb his lust for energy while providing them with his centuries of salvaging experience.

Role: Attacker/Disruptor/Controller

Weapon: Sonic Sledge Hammer: Tobias uses a sledgehammer he has heavily modified to strip and scavenge for parts. He can smash enemies with it or charge it up to deal damage in a small radius to enemies.

Ability 1: Screech: Years of screaming into the void has given Tobias the ability to stun enemies with his voice. This ability has a large radius and it causes minor and major enemies to deal 15% reduced damage for 6 seconds.

Ability 2: Energy Drain: Tobias drains 150 shield strength or health from his victim to heal himself for 125% of the amount. This is also the only way Tobias can activate his Talent. This ability can also be used on teammates, but this ability will only drain 150 health or shield strength from teammates and always prioritizes shield strength.

Ultimate: Energy Overload: His ravenous nature as a space zombie has taught Tobias how to use his condition as a weapon. Tobias switches to a heavy laser rifle and uses his built up overshield energy to fuel it. Enemies who are hit by it take 140 damage per second for eight seconds, it deals 25% bonus damage to enemy shields and overshields. This also deactivates Sentient Remnant and consumes his overshield.

Talent: Sentient Remnant: Tobias slowly loses health overtime and can only restore it by using Energy Drain. When the ability activates, Tobias’s health no longer drains and he gains the ability to store additional energy as overshield strength. If Tobias loses more than 50% of his health, he starts to lose health again. He is also immune to healing unless Sentient Remnant is active. People healing him will contribute to activating his talent before they actually start healing him.

Augmentation Paths: I Am Alive and The Banhee

I Am Alive Level 1: Enemies hit up by the sledge’s secondary attack are slowed briefly. +2 seconds slow speed.

Level 2: Screech’s cooldown is increased, but Screech gives you some energy towards activating Sentient Remnant. +10% cooldown time.

Level 3: You drain less energy from teammates to activate Sentient Remnant. -50 energy drain to teammates.

Level 4: Charged hammer attacks now propel you into the air.

Level 5: Sentient Remnant is no longer deactivated when you lose 50% or more of your health and doesn’t reset when you die.

Level 6: Using Screech while Sentient Remnant is active now amplifies damage dealt to enemies. +10% damage amplify for 4 seconds.

Level 7: Increase your overshield storage capacity by 500.

Level 8: Enemies hit by your sledgehammer take additional damage overtime. +38 damage over 1.5 seconds.

Level 9: If energy drain is used on a teammate to drain shield strength or health, they will be restored for either 150 health or 75 shield strength for whatever wasn’t drained

Level 10: Energy Overload no longer deactivates Sentient Remnant.

The Banhee Level 1: The lower your health is, the more damage you deal. Up to 35% additional damage.

Level 2: Screech now deals 140 damage to enemies caught in its area of effect. +140 damage.

Level 3: Energy Drain can now be used instantly and deals bonus damage to enemy shields. +20% shield damage bonus.

Level 4: Sledgehammer attacks now leech health from enemies. +5% life steal per hit.

Level 5: You can now lose Sentient Remnant by using Screech, losing Sentient Remnant gives you increased attack speed. +20% attack speed for 6 seconds.

Level 6: Increases Energy Drain’s damage. +15% damage.

Level 7: If an active overshield on you breaks, your next skill cooldown is reduced. 4 seconds off next skill cooldown.

Level 8: Increase Screech’s area of effect. +40% radius.

Level 9: Charged hammer attacks deal damage in a straight line rather than a radius. +100% to hammer attack range.

Level 10: If Energy Overload manages to break enemy shields or overshields, it causes them to explode dealing 200 damage plus 50% of the shield’s maximum strength.

My fifteenth Battleborn is called Goose the Weird. He’s a platypus…who drives a main battle tank.

Here’s Goose:

Name: Goose the Weird. Goose is a platypus with military training, a reverse engineering degree and commands a tank he calls the Hind. Goose the platypus is an old friend of Toby and was shown the door just as quickly when he went to join the Peacekeepers. Toby was kicked out because he was too cute, Goose was kicked out because he was too “weird-looking” for the job. Goose wasn’t as pissed as Toby was and instead decided to show his skills by forcing his way onto the battlefield in the most ridiculous way possible, in a battle tank hanging around in an old war museum by retrofitting it for modern warfare. After coming to the aid of a UPR unit in the thick of combat, the commanding officer of the squad was so amazed he struck a deal with Goose to induct him into the UPR’s black ops operations as a heavy vehicle specialist.

Role: Defender/Tank/Slow

Weapon: Main Battle Cannon: Goose’s main weapon is a powerful cannon which can take down most enemy shields with little trouble. It requires about eight seconds to reload, but while reloading, you can use the secondary attack to fire heavy machine gun rounds at attackers.

Ability 1: Power Reserves: Goose activates the Hind’s energy reserves to restore 560 health over 6 seconds.

Ability 2: Fine Tuning: Gives the Hind 75% increased movement speed for 15 seconds.

Ultimate: Full Salvo: Goose activates his secret weapon, a salvo of six lock-on lasers each doing 140 damage enemy targets. After complete lock-on, all lasers are fired at locked-on targets.

Talent: Old Machine: Despite being a skilled engineer and vehicle specialist, Goose’s Hind is still an aging machine and can’t move any faster than his tank’s base movement speed. This makes it an easy target, but it is immune to critical damage.

Augmentation Paths: War Machine and Battle Hardened

War Machine Level 1: Takes one second off of the main cannon’s reload time.

Level 2: Activating Power Reserves increases damage output. +10% damage for 6 seconds.

Level 3: Loads the Hind’s Main Cannon with special MIRV shells which release child grenades along the path of a fired shell. 43 damage per child grenade.

Level 4: Increase base movement speed. +20% movement speed.

Level 5: Enemies hit by shells take bleed damage. 52 damage over 2 seconds.

Level 6: Fine Tuning removes any impairment effects and renders you immune to them for the duration of the ability, but reduces its duration. -5 seconds to duration.

Level 7: HMG rounds slow enemies hit by it. 3 second slow duration.

Level 8: Power Reserves’ cooldown is increased, but it restores more health and/or shields. +200 health or shields restored.

Level 9: Further takes two more seconds off of the main cannon’s reload time.

Level 10: Increases the number of times you can lock onto enemies by 2.

Battle Hardened Level 1: Hitting targets with the HMG has a chance per shot to speed up cannon reload speed by 0.5 seconds. 5% chance per shot.

Level 2: At the end of Power Reserves, your shields start recharging.

Level 3: Fits the Hind with a special barrel nozzle which causes tank shells to fragment and increase the spread of shell attacks, but greatly reduces range of the shells. -75% to primary weapon range.

Level 4: Increase turret speed, strafing speed and back pedaling speed. +25% to all base movement speeds.

Level 5: The Hind can now store up to two additional shells if they haven’t been fired, but reduces damage that the shells do. -25% to primary weapon damage.

Level 6: Nearby teammates get a movement speed bonus while Fine Tuning is active.

Level 7: The HMG rounds now reveal enemies each time they get hit. 0.5 seconds enemy mark duration.

Level 8: When your shield breaks, activating Power Reserves or Fine Tuning gives you an overshield. +250 overshield for 4 seconds.

Level 9: Enemies hit by tank shells are knocked back.

Level 10: Full Salvo’s lasers no longer lock onto targets but will reactively attack anyone who attacks you from the front.

Here’s my sixteenth Battleborn, her name is Maestra the Storm Countess

Name: Maestra the Storm Countess. Maestra was an LLC scientist who worked on revolutionary technology which would allow for the control of the magnetic poles of a planet. She was angered with her superiors who only wanted to use her breakthroughs to get higher profits. So she defected from the LLC and joined the Jennerit before the coup de tat conducted by Rendain. She was made a countess after sharing her breakthroughs in magnetic weather manipulation. A tragic accident during one of her tests caused her body to stop aging, but warped her mind. She now fights with the Battleborn as a psychotic storm manipulator and seeks to conquer the ultimate challenge, wreaking havoc on the Rendain’s Jennerit Imperium.

Role: Attacker/Controller/Disruptor

Weapon: Portable Magnetic System: Maestra’s primary attack unleashes shards of ice at enemies’ rapid fire. Her secondary attack unleashes a thunderclap which damages multiple enemies.

Ability 1: Magnetic Well: Maestra unleashes a vortex in an area which pulls enemies towards the center and deals 35 damage per second for 6 seconds.

Ability 2: Aerial Suspension: Maestra suspends an enemy in the air for 8 seconds. While suspended, the enemy takes reduced damage and cannot activate abilities beyond basic attacks.

Ultimate: Avatar of Storms: Maestra surrounds herself with ice, wind and lightning to become a living embodiment of the storms. She gains increased movement speed and periodically discharges blasts of energy dealing 120 damage per discharge to surrounding enemies. Lasts for 6 seconds.

Talent: Favorable Winds: Whenever Maestra hits more than one enemy at a time with an attack or ability she gains increased movement speed for 5 seconds.

Augmentation Paths: Storm Caller and Force of Nature.

Storm Caller Level 1: Magnetic Well’s duration is increased. +2 seconds.

Level 2: Ice shards now slow enemies. +3 second slow duration.

Level 3: Aerial Suspension now deals damage overtime to enemies. +21 damage per second.

Level 4: Magnetic Well’s cooldown time is reduced. -20% cooldown time.

Level 5: Whenever Magnetic Well or Aerial Suspension ends, there is a chance they will leave behind a localized storm originating from where they were cast. +45 damage per second for 4 seconds.

Level 6: Teammates passing through Magnetic Well are hastened. +30% haste.

Level 7: Dealing damage with the thunderclap adds one second to enemy cooldowns each time you use it.

Level 8: Ice shards deal bonus damage to enemy shields. +20% damage to shields.

Level 9: Aerial Suspension can now be used on teammates, but ability usage is not restricted.

Level 10: Avatar of Storms no longer releases discharges, but it constantly deals damage to nearby enemies each second and has its duration doubled. +100% duration.

Force of Nature Level 1: Ice shards can now be charged to release a much larger shard which fragments when it hits enemies. +50% damage and blast radius to surrounding enemies.

Level 2: Magnetic Well’s damage is increased. +25% damage.

Level 3: When Aerial Suspension ends, the enemy is slammed into the ground and stunned. +3 seconds stun duration.

Level 4: Hitting enemies with the thunderclap restores 75 shield energy per enemy hit.

Level 5: Hitting the ability button again while Magnetic Well is active will cause it to explode, dealing 150 damage.

Level 6: Enemies hit with ice shards are weakened, they deal less damage. -10% enemy damage output for 5 seconds.

Level 7: Aerial Suspension’s cooldown time is reduced. -20% cooldown time.

Level 8: Increase the movement speed bonus of Favorable Winds. +35% increased movement speed.

Level 9: Enemies who are able to escape Magnetic Well have damage dealt to them amplified. +15% amplify damage for 3 seconds.

Level 10: At the end of Avatar of Storms, the ability releases one last discharge which deals double damage over double the range.